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Will My Mattress Fit in a Car? How Mattress in a Box Works! 

 Here at FurnitureFul, we prioritize your need first. Which is why we package our mattress in a box for you to easily transport around your home. Read this blog to learn the benefits of this packaging and the tips to get the best experiences!

When buying yourself anything of big size or quantity, the most common thoughts when you are walking your new purchase to your vehicle is “will it fit in my car?” or “I hope this will fit on my car!”. This is especially the case when buying a mattress due to its big and bulky nature. But here at FurnitureFul, not only do we have the best Hybrid mattress for your sleeping needs but we also package them in a convenient box. Not only does it come in a box but when you open it, there are 2 seals around so you can inflate it and trial it to see if you like it after you have brought it. Here are some benefits and tips on how to make the most of our packaging at FurnitureFul




Benefit 1 


You can easily fit your mattress in a box in your vehicle. 

With FurnitureFul you can travel lightly and swiftly to your car because we provide a mattress in a box solution that requires little effort. All you need to do is store it in your vehicle and be on your way.  

The way this works is we wrap the mattress in layers to protect it, we suck all the air out, and then we fit in a small box so you can unpack and enjoy it. 



Benefit 2  


Make it easy to store and open your package. 

As the mattress is in a box, it means you can store the box anywhere you want until you need to use it. No matter the size of your mattress our boxes are conveniently sized to match your needs. When you are ready to use the box, you can easily open it and find 2 protective layers around the air compressed mattress! 



Benefit 3  


You can trial our mattress due to the 2 layers of protection. 

As mentioned above, there are 2 protective layers around our hybrid mattresses keeping them nice and fresh ready for your use! Our first protective layer, when cut open, will allow the mattress to roll open, so you can place the mattress on the bed. Then you can break the second layer of the seal to allow air into the mattress, you can use a mattress protector or a mattress topper, we do advise that you use one or the other to keep the mattress safe from potential damage. This is to make sure that the mattress remains fresh and safe. If you decide that you do not want to keep it, it means you can send it back with no complications and if you do, you have a protective layer added to your sleeping arrangement. 


Having these measures in place ensures you truly feel the standard of our hybrids without worrying about causing damage or contaminating the product in any way. RESULT! 



Tip 1 

Try the mattress for the full 60 Night Trial. 

Here at FurnitureFul, we are so confident that you will love our products, we are willing to offer a 60 Night Trial when you buy our products. This means you can test them out for 60 nights and see if you like the product, if you do then brilliant, enjoy your new purchase and thank you for shopping with FurnitureFul and, if you don’t you can send it back to us and we will understand completely, and thank you for shopping at FurnitureFul and we hope you choose us again.  

The reason we advise you to try the full 60 Night Trial durations are to ensure that you have given the mattress ample time to adjust to your sleeping habits and style. Getting anything new requires time for you to get used to its new compatibilities, therefore we offer a 60 Night Trial for you to test it out and see how you like the quality and the adjustments it makes. We are certain you won’t regret it.  



Tip 2 

If you want to try the 60 Night Trial, use a mattress protector or mattress topper. 

This was briefly mentioned in the benefit above, but we wrap our mattress in 2 layers. Breaking the first layer allows you to roll the mattress out onto the bed and breaking the second layer will inflate the mattress. When you do this, we suggest either using a mattress cover or using a mattress topper, so you have the option to trial the mattress to see if it’s to your liking. If you do not follow these suggestions and cause damage to the mattress, it will cause some complications further down the line of the 60 Night Trial. 



To find out more about our mattress’ superior qualities read our blog, Which Mattress is Best? Top 6 Mattress Types today! 

Ammar Asad
Ammar Asad

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