Flipping And Rotating Your Mattress

Flipping and rotating your mattress

Why rotate your mattress?

It is important to rotate your mattress on a regular basis, as it helps evenly distribute the fillings. It helps make each side of the mattress equal. It also helps increase and improve the life span of the mattress.

Why flip your mattress?

You should flip your mattress as it helps distribute the fillings, it also helps expand the life expectancy of a mattress and it helps prevent any permanent damage. Flipping a mattress is important at the start as it helps the mattress mould to your body.

What is the difference between flipping your mattress and rotating your mattress?

The difference between rotating and flipping your mattress is that when you rotate your mattress you are turning it. Turning your mattress doesn’t take as much effort as flipping your mattress although it can still be tiring if your mattress is heavy but it is way easier than flipping your mattress.

Flipping your mattress requires you to pick your mattress up and flip it over. So that the side that was on the bottom is not on top. It is more difficult than turning the mattress as it is more hands-on and takes up a lot of energy. Some mattresses can be heavy and this can also be a big factor in flipping your mattress.

When to rotate your mattress?

No matter the type of mattress you have you should rotate your mattress from end to end every 3-4 months, this is because it will prevent your mattress from sagging to one side, if you have a memory foam mattress you may need to rotate it more often as memory foam tends to mould to your body shape and therefore it needs more rotating as it helps even out the padding.

When to flip your mattress?

It’s a good idea to flip your mattress as it prevents indentations from becoming permanent, it prevents sagging and allows your mattress to last longer then usual, it helps prevent any wear and tear. You should think about flipping your mattress every 6 months depending on how thick and durable your mattress it.

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