Foam Mattresses Vs Spring Mattresses

Foam mattresses vs spring mattresses

Shopping for new mattresses can be a confusing process. Especially when there are hundreds of mattresses to choose from. Fortunately, you can narrow your searches by focusing on the important question. Do you want a foam mattress or an innerspring mattress?

Within this blog, we’ll focus on the differences between foam mattresses and spring mattresses. By learning about the two you can become more informed and make a more informed decision too.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are typically made using a blend of memory foam, polyurethane foam and other materials too.

Pros of Foam mattresses

Excellent fitting

Particularly good motion separation

The material feels soft but still delivers good support

Good pressure relief in pressure points

Available from budget-friendly to ultra-luxury

Generally preferred by side sleepers

Cons of Foam mattresses

Most foams mattresses release an unpleasant odour when first set up

Some foam mattress materials don’t cool down the body temperature

Foam mattresses do not have much bounce

Luxury models can get expensive

Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses are made with metal mechanisms or coils, which provide underlying support, as well as thin layers of foam.

Pros of Spring mattresses

Generally inexpensive

Responsive with a bit of spring

Provides firm support

Excellent air flow for a fresher sleep experience

More encouraging than foam for heavier people

Cons of Spring mattresses

Transfers more motion

Springs can make some noise

Sagging over time is common, particularly with cheaper models

Toughness varies extensively depending on the original quality of the mattress and the size & weight of the sleepers

What are spring mattresses?

Spring mattress are also, known as innerspring mattresses. They are mattresses which utilize hundreds of metal springs to provide a support layer. Spring mattresses have a softer plush material layer which increases comfort.

Some feel that spring mattresses are more supportive in comparison to foam. This is true for individuals who are heavier in weight. 

There are several factors which influence how a spring mattress feels such as the coil counts. 

Coil count is a crucial factor as quality mattresses will have around 400 coils. The quality, material, and depth of the mattress layers can greatly impact the comfort and feel of the mattress.

What are foam mattresses?

Foam mattresses are all-foam mattresses which are remarkably popular for online mattress consumers. They can be made from a variety of foam materials, and typically contain numerous unique layers. Foam mattresses can be soft or strong, budget or expensive, so there is a massive amount of variety within this category.

Foam mattresses use a variety of materials to provide support and pressure relief. There are many types of foams, and often manufacturers will make use of several materials in each mattress.

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