Four-Poster Bed Ideas

Four-poster bed ideas

There are many different types of four-poster beds for you to choose from and this blog is going to list some of the four-poster bed styles so you can get an idea of what you like and may want to purchase.

GOA Four Poster Solid Acacia wood bed - This four-poster bed is a canopy bed frame that is 160x200cm. This canopy bed has a chill effortless style that is also chic and modern which fits almost everyone's aesthetic. This bed retails for around £490.

Sheherazad Four Poster Canopy Bed - This four-poster bed is seasonally transitional. This bed looks great unadorned and simple or it can be decorated and dressed with drapes and pillows to give a lavish and expensive look. This bed retails at around £325.

Colonial Four Poster Bed By Prestington - This lavish four-poster bed is available to purchase in double, king and super king bed sizes. The bed posts on this four-poster bed are very intricately hand-carved into a fluted design, as well as having hand carving on the headboard and footboard too which just ties the whole look of the bed together. This wood is solid mahogany so you know that it will last years and years so you will definitely get the most out of your money because this bed retails for around £860.

Moroccan Four-Poster Bed- This four-poster bed is extremely tall and almost grazes the ceiling and gives a Moroccan feel. The bed can be entirely customised to go with the style and aesthetic and décor of your bedroom. You can purchase this bed in a range of pine and hardwood finishes and you can also get matching under-bed storage if you would like that. This bed retails for around £550.

Milleunanotte Four-Poster Super King Bed- This four-poster bed features a lot of straight and clean lines and has a modern twist on the classic silhouette of a four-poster bed. The bed frame is covered in leather which achieves the perfect balance between suppleness and being stain resistant and is also paired with beech wood slats. This four-poster bed is extremely expensive and is not something the average person would purchase as it retails at a hefty £6080.

These four-poster beds that are listed are only a handful of the four-poster beds that are out on the market but it can give you an idea of what kind of beds are available for you to purchase.

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