Furniture Ideas For Hosting The Perfect Christmas

Furniture ideas for hosting the perfect Christmas

White, green, and red

The main colours of Christmas should be streaked and dotted around in your home: white, green and red. Apart from the traditional green Christmas tree, red stockings, wreath, and everything else, you should add banners, lights, plants, and Christmas figurines to keep the colour scheme and theme vibrant.

Your furniture should fit in with the style too! White tables, green and red pillow covers, throw pillows, soft blankets, wall stickers, wall art, lamps and other items should be purchased for Christmas.

Decorate the table

The Christmas table is a prominent and important feature for Christmas, a place that is a huge part of tradition. So, the dining table should be set up. Get a nice Christmas tablecloth with colours and/or patterns to cover the dining table. Then set up Christmas themed plates, with a smaller plate on top, wine glasses, and cutlery for each person.

You can roll up a napkin tissue, place a single fern Christmas leaf, and tie it all together with a red ribbon, placing it on top of each plate.

Another idea is to place a long Christmas garland in the middle of the table so it goes across like a table runner would. This is just an incredibly clever and Christmas aesthetic to up your game!

Get some long candles and add them to the table to add that warm, romantic, homey Christmas glow. These are so intimate and add a sense of that old- fashioned Christmas. Classic and beautiful.

Add extra chairs and seating

Another thing to keep in mind is that Christmas will bring a lot of guests- friends and family will fill up your home and so you will need to cater for seating. Assure that you have extra folding chairs with seating cushions- these can be stored folded away until you need to get them out. You can also get some extra armchairs, seating stools, pouffes, sofa beds and benches!

Add comfort

Blankets and cushions! You can get some throw pillows that have a Christmas design and colour- these are great as you can renew them yearly so you can upgrade each year at an affordable price. They come in so many colours, patterns, and materials. You can get some throw pillows, comforters and duvets that are specially for Christmas too! Drape them across the chairs, sofas and your other seating options.

Create a table for party games

Next, create a table for party games! You can have games like Christmas musical chairs, pass the parcel, reindeer ring toss, Christmas trivia game, pin the tail of the reindeer, or a Christmas story board game.

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