Have A Clean Slate - How To Have Minimalist Storage In A Family Home

Have a clean slate - how to have minimalist storage in a family home:

To start off with, start by getting rid of items that are just laying about in your home that do not see any use anymore. This will start to show you that you have extra items taking up space in the home. After that think about removing some bigger items maybe chairs or an old table that is just laying around in the home that is also hardly ever used.

How do I declutter my home like a minimalist?

  • Go through one room at a time to get rid of items that the room does not need.
  • Keep everything neat, tidy and out of sight as much as possible.
  • Only keep your main essentials.
  • Get rid of excess cardboard boxes.
  • Do not constantly buy new items all the time.
  • Organize everything so you know where all your stuff is.

What should you not do when decluttering?

  • Do not start a massive decluttering project without a plan.
  • Do not declutter everything at once as it would not make sure everything is cleaned and removed properly.
  • Do wait too long to donate or sell items if you cannot do that then just get rid of them.
  • Not using a storage system as it will help to keep the clutter in place.

What is the 20/20 rule when decluttering?

You should consider letting an item go if you can replace it for under £20 or if you can replace the item within 20 minutes.

When decluttering your home make sure to start off small to make sure that you do not feel overwhelmed when decluttering. If you start off big it will take a long time and you won’t have enough space in preparation for other rooms that need decluttering.

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