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How Hybrid Mattresses Are Made? 

Hybrid Mattresses


What Is a Hybrid Mattress? 

A hybrid mattress is a blend of a soft material coupled with an innerspring system of some kind gifting you with the luxury of all levels of comfort.  


What Are Hybrids Made Of? 

Inside of a hybrid, there are balanced layers of these combined materials to give you different levels of, firmness and softness, thickness, bounce and more. Generally, there are 3 layers required to make a hybrid mattress. They are as follows:  

Layer 1: Due to being the top layer of the bed, this is the most comforting layer filled with soft and cuddly materials such as foamlatex or cooling gel. It ranges from 3-4 inches thick (depending on where you buy from) and is used to give you (the sleeper) maximum comfort and support. These layers aren’t just hugging your body, they also give extra alignment to your spine.   
Layer 2: The second layer is none other than the supportive layer consisting of innerspring coils or pocket coils to line the middle of this mattress. They range between 7/8 inches, taking up most of the mattress thickness. They also help with supporting the core of the mattress and you as well. This layer helps to keep your spine aligned and to keep your motion transfer confined.  

Layer 3: Lastly, we have a very thin piece of memory foam (about 2 inches) at the bottom of the mattress to help keep the mattress protected and padded, otherwise there potentially could be damage created.  



Hybrids are extremely popular and highly recommended. The nature of the combinations created are immensely beneficial as they incorporate two very strong materials that can stand strong when independent and even more so when coupled are together.  

Please find a list below detailing some of the types of hybrid mattresses, along with some of their qualities. 


  • Pocket Sprung Memory Foam and Innerspring Memory Foam - 

Pocket sprung mattresses are very popular due to their supportive structure; they help with you whole body’s alignment, keeps you from being disturbed by motion transfer, consistent firmness, pressure relief. For some who like a softer and more comforting mattress, memory foam is a go to due to its cuddly yet supportive nature and hyperallergic qualities. Innerspring is the most traditional form of mattress structure and is also one of the most popular mattress types. This structure keeps your back aligned and is breathable enough for you to have a cool sleep. However, what happens when you mix these two powerhouses another powerhouse like memory together.  

You get something magical! 


  • Pocket Sprung Cooling Gel and Innerspring Cooling Gel - 

Similarly to the combination above, this is a fantastic paring as well. Gel mattresses are known for their cooling abilities and have been known to be preferred over memory foam due to this quality. They give the illusion that you are floating in the air on a cloud whilst still suppling the support needed to give a great night's sleep. Pair that with pocketed coils or innerspring coils and the results are amazing! These combinations also have a foam in the layering to add some extra comfort.  


  • Pocket Sprung Latex and Innerspring Latex - 

Much the cooling gel mattress, latex mattresses are incredibly breathable and durable. They also priced quite low compared to memory foam, they are bouncier, they don’t sink as much as memory foam and don’t hold as much heat. They are also made organically (depending on where you go) and have 2 types, Talalay and Dunlop. It’s advised that, if you get a latex hybrid, you get a Talalay.  



Our Hybrids: 

Here at FurnitureFul, we offer you the best quality hybrid mattresses for unbeatable price. Our innerspring memory foam hybrid mattresses will give you the best sleep of your life and will leave you extremely satisfied and rested. Here some of what we can offer you at FurnitureFul.  

We are proud to say that here, at FurnitureFul, we design our mattress with 8 layers of materials to supply you with maximum comfort levels.  


8 Layers to make up one mattress


Our mattresses come to you next day and are delivered in a transportable box that can be stored away until you are ready to use them. 

  • We offer a 10-year warranty policy that benefits both parties. 
  • We have a wide range of hybrid mattresses 
  • We are hyperallergic. 
  • We incorporate a gel fused foam to keep you cool when sleeping. 
  • We offer many different mattress sizes and styles to fit your preferences.  
  • Our mattresses can be folded 
  • Our mattress is one sided and can be used on slatted bed, but the slat can’t have a distance of more than 75mm 
  • We offer ottoman beds that fit perfectly with our mattresses, so you don’t look too far.  



Can Hybrids Be Flipped?

Flipping your mattress to maximise the usage of it has been a life hack for a long time, but can it be done with all mattress types? More specifically, can it be done with hybrids?  

In short yes it can – however not all hybrids have this quality and flipping a hybrids requires so extra assistance as you will effectively be flipping the whole structure of the mattress upside down. Some hybrid mattresses can be flipped due to extra thick layering at the bottom of the mattress, thus creating the illusion that you are sleeping on the same level of softness, whilst others, if flipped, would require extra assistance from something like a mattress topper. Then there are some hybrids that can’t be flipped at all and work better when you rotate them, but as I said before, it all depends on the mattress in question. 

At FurnitureFul, our mattresses are one sided, which means that they can’t be flipped and work better when you rotate them. One sided mattress cannot be flipped but need to be rotated to keep an even distribution of weight across the mattress. To avoid stains and further damages being done to the mattress, we recommend that you use a mattress protector 



To conclude, hybrids a new and evolving product that’s sole purpose is to give you the best night's sleep you could ever ask for. With that being said, we hope that you have found this blog useful! If you need more information on Which Mattress Is Best or Mattress vs Back Pain – Why Mattresses Cause Back Pain, we have got you covered! Head over to FurnitureFul for your mattress now! 

Ammar Asad
Ammar Asad

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