How a sofa bed is the answer to transforming your spare room?

How a sofa bed is the answer to transforming your spare room? 

Whether it’s full of junk or has a bed collecting dust ready for your next guest there's a real risk your spare room is not serving you well. A sofa bed is the answer turning into something truly usable and functional. 
Here are the top 5 benefits for spare room sofa beds: 
  1. Economise on space
Having a sofa bed in a spare room can be a amazing way to save space. Traditional beds have a large footprint in the floor area, are hard to move and considering its only used when there's a guest it's not the best use of space. Depending on how the bed folds away some sofa beds take up even less space not to mention you get two pieces of furniture in one. 
  1. Great value
If you want a good quality sofa bed, it will cost more than either a sofa or a bed respectively, but it does costs less than buying them both together. This represents a significant saving leaving you more money to spend on upgrading your spare room. 
  1. Multipurpose room
Having a sofa bed in a spare room can turn the guest room into a multipurpose room. Whether that's to accommodate a home office, increase space for storage, clear the way for a playroom, a place for pets, kids, clearing your mind or escaping a snoring partner, the list of combinations are endless. 
4. Decor/style 
Sofa beds can be stylish. They can be colourful. They can be the centre piece of your multipurpose room or simply blend into the background. Either way they can be a great way to decorate your spare room. 
  1. Versatility
Sofa beds are much more versatile than a traditional bed or a sofa. Some are on wheels, and some have various folding options. Say goodbye to set-piece furniture and set-piece uses for your spare room. Adapt and change it however you like during the day. 

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