How Can I Cover My Sofa?

How can I cover my sofa?

Try using a non-sew cover that is large enough to cover your sofa. You can just tuck the extra hanging bits of cloth into the sofa to make it look neat as possible. Also, use separate non-sew cloths for the sofa seats to make sure that the sofa still retains its original comfort without the sofa covers coming off when you are sitting on your sofa.

Can you use fitted sheets as a couch cover?

Yes, you can use fitted sheets as a couch cover because you can either cut the sheets yourself or have them premade to fit the size of your sofa, cushions and sofa seats. That way you will save material and may have cut down the cost if you to get one needlessly larger.

How do you know if a couch cover will fit?

Be sure to take measurements of the couch that you want to place a couch cover on. Make sure to measure the width, length and height to make sure that you will get a couch cover that will fit. Moreover, if you get a couch cover that does not stretch much make sure that the couch cover is slightly bigger than your initial measurements to make sure that the couch cover fits on properly and will not come undone once someone sits on the sofa.

What is a slipcover couch?

A slipcover couch is a sofa that comes with removable covers designed for the couch. That way you can wash the couch cover when they get dirty, stained or begin to smell after a certain period. This will save you money from buying separate couch covers. Moreover, since the couch cover is already on the sofa you do not have to worry about the size since the measurement was already done the first time, if you want to buy more couch covers of the same size you can because you can use the original couch covers as a reference point on which size is suitable for your couch.

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