How Do Mattress Warranties Work?

How do mattress warranties work?

What is a warranty?

A warranty is a promise from the seller that if there is a defective product it will be repaired or replaced within a certain time frame.  

Mattress warranties

A mattress warranty is a brand’s assurance that its manufactured goods will be replaced, repaired, or refunded if any problems are identified with the mattresses manufacturing or workmanship. Most warranties are only valid to the initial purchaser of the mattress and cannot be assigned to a new owner. Every mattress manufacturer has its own terms and conditions of what their warranty covers. Each warranty has a different length, go from 5 years to a lifetime depending on the brand. Certain warranties are limited which means they only specific areas of a mattress such as coils or foam. However, some manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty, which lasts for the whole of the ownership of the mattress by the initial buyer. 

What do mattress warranties cover?

  • Sagging – check on the brand’s website for precise measurements
  • Broken coils or coils protruding through the mattress
  • Seams coming undone
  • Bunching of foam/uneven surface
  • Faulty handles
  • Manufacturing flaws in the mattress cover
  • Sizing inconsistencies 

What mattress warranties do not cover?

  • Sagging that measures less than a certain amount (check the brand’s website).
  • Accidental damage such as rips, burns, spillages, or stains etc.
  • Discoloration from sweat.
  • Normal wear and tear this is a somewhat vague term that covers what is likely to happen with regular use of the mattress, such as scuffing, occasional loose threads, mild sagging/indents.

What can invalidate a mattress warranty?

There are several factors that can invalidate a mattress warranty which include selling or giving away your mattress, as the warranty only works for original buyer. The other facts that can invalidate a mattresses warranty includes:

  • Any stains or spills the mattress may have that would make it unsanitary or dangerous to return for repair.
  • If the law tag is removed, this tag has legal information on it and if it is removed for any reason the mattress warranty becomes void straight away.
  • If proper mattress care is not taking place such as rotating or flipping. Majority of mattress manufacturers will provide clear guidelines on how you should take care of your mattress and if these guidelines are not followed then the mattress warranty will be invalidated.
  • Lastly letting the mattress sit in the box longer that it is recommended. If the mattress comes rolled up in a box, then it will generally need to be unrolled in a specific amount of time. If this does not happen then it can cause damage to the mattress.

The other factors that can invalidate the mattress warranty is if the mattress is being used on a rickety bed frame or slat setup, if the fixed cover has been separated, or if the mattress has been used the wrong way up, which will cause the soften side of the mattress to become ruined.  

Do mattress warranties cover sagging or bed bugs?

Most mattress warranties do not cover sagging, various brands are rather exact about what is enough sag to be protected by the warranty. The best way to check what the depth of the sagging in the mattress is to put a piece of string at on end of the mattress and then stretching it out to the other end. There will now be a line on top of the sag from where you can measure the dip that is in the mattress.

Majority of brands do not consist of bed bug invasions in their warranties, as this is not deemed a manufacturing fault.   

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