How Does An Ottoman Bed Stay Down?

How does an ottoman bed stay down?

An ottoman bed stays down by using the gas struts that have been installed for the ottoman bed so that when you lift the bed open to access the storage compartment of the ottoman bed so that it does not suddenly close on you and will stay open until you close the storage compartment up yourself. This is to make sure that you do not harm yourself when using your ottoman bed.

This also works the other way as well to ensure that the ottoman bed does not open by itself when you are on top of the ottoman bed or when you are not around. If the gas struts are working fine, then you should have no worries about the ottoman staying down all the time. But it is dangerous if they do not work since they keep the storage compartment open when you need to get something from the ottoman bed.

Also, the natural weight of the ottoman bed helps to keep the ottoman bed down as well since the ottoman bed is made to be sturdy and durable it would make sense that the natural weight of the bed frame itself would contribute to the ottoman bed staying down as well.

If all your ottoman bed does is stay down, but you struggle to keep the ottoman bed up then it probably is the gas struts that are no longer working or just worn down that they cannot handle the amount of weight that there is on top of the bed frame. If this happens you may have to buy a replacement if you can.

On the chance that you do not want to replace your ottoman bed then you should be careful that the ottoman bed's gas struts do not break when you are opening the ottoman bed for your own safety.

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