How Good is a Hybrid Mattress?

How good is a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattress can be a dream, but for some… maybe not so much. We are all looking to get that perfect mattress that offers us a blissful sleep, so how good is a hybrid mattress?  Is it right for you? This blog will help you understand both the good and the bad a hybrid mattress can be.

So a good starting point is to understand: what is a hybrid mattress? A hybrid mattress is a combination of foam and springs, giving the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and support. This leads on to the first pro for hybrid mattresses.


  1. Comfort and support: A hybrid mattress uses a combination of foam – which can be latex foam, memory foam, or cooling gel- and springs to offer both the benefits of comfort and support at the same time.
  2. You like coils: If you like you bed a little bouncy, then hybrid offers that too. These coils are excellent for support, especially when it comes to back pain, joint pain, pressure points because the addition of coils can support you and hold your weight.
  3. Breathable mattress: Hybrid mattresses can be much cooler, especially if you compare it to memory foam. Hybrid mattresses are breathable because the coils allow airflow, so this means they are great for hot sleepers, giving a more comfortable sleep. 
  4. Great for couples too: The foam layer helps with motion isolation, so you won’t ‘feel your partner moving which can distribute sleep and be annoying. As well as this, because of the coils – if you get the correct firmness- it can support both you and your partner’s weight.
  5. Accommodates for sleeping positions and body weight: Hybrid mattress come in many levels of firmness that can suit many different people. 
  6. Durable: hybrid mattresses can last a long time for up to 10 years! As long as your mattress is well looked after, and good quality it can be very durable.


  1. Prone to sagging: Hybrid mattresses consist of many layers, meaning that the weight of all the coils and foam can mean the mattress can sag. This may mean your mattress will need an earlier replacement.
  2. High price: Hybrid mattresses can also be quite pricy, investing in a cheaper one may also mean you compromise on mattress longevity.
  3. Lack of deep contouring: Hybrid mattresses don’t offer a deep contouring - memory foam does this more so. This may be an issue for some, so if you are after this quality, then hybrid mattress isn’t the one for you.
  4. Motion isolation: Hybrid mattresses do offer a level of motion transfer, but if you are after a mattress that offers the utmost in motion isolation then hybrid won’t be able to provide the best in comparison to an all-foam mattress. You will still feel the motion to a certain extent.
  5. Heavier mattress: Lastly, hybrids are much heavier as they are made up of a lot of layers, padding and foam. Picking it up, flipping it over and even rotating it may require a strenuous amount of effort.

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