How High Should Bed Frames Be?

How high should bed frames be?

How high your bed frame should be is something that is crucial, and often forgotten about, when purchasing a bed frame. We often are distracted from the necessity of bed height by gazing through different colours, styles, types, and prices of bed frames. But what about height?

Bed frame height differs from person to person

Bed frames come in different heights to suit for different people’s needs. Firstly, your bed frame should correspond to the needs of your height. When sitting on the bed, both your feet should lay flat against the floor easily, where your knees are in line with your hips. This means that your legs shouldn’t be dangling off the floor as it shows the bed frame is too high, or your legs shouldn’t bend your knees which signals a short bed frame height.

As well as your height, you should determine bed frame height by age and health. A tall bed frame would suit an adult, not a child so that children can be kept safe from hurting themselves should they fall off. It’s also the same for the elderly, it isn’t convenient for them to climb on and off – especially if they have mobility issues, tender joints, and pain, which can cause them to struggle, or worse, adversely affect their health.

Your mattress also is another factor to take in account when deciding how high your bed frame should be. A thick mattress paired with a tall bed frame would unexpectedly give you a much higher bed which is inconvenient for any type of person. This goes the same with a thin mattress depth, you would need a taller bed frame to give it some height. 

Types of bed frames

Bed frames have 3 sizes.

The standard bed height: 24-25 inches

The high bed frame height: 25 – 36 inches

The low bed frame height: 18-24 inches

The standard bed frame

The standard bed frame height is 25- 26 inches off the ground. That would be the average height that most people need, so chances are this could be you. This measure takes in account the bed frame and mattress as well.

  • Traditional bed: An example of a standard bed frame height would be a traditional bed with a standard frame. These usually require a box spring, which summate to 25 inches off the ground.
  • Antique beds: An example of a high bed frame would be an antique bed, which is around 36 inches tall.
  • Platform beds: An example of a low bed frame would be Platform beds- they are usually low off the ground, ranging in height at around 18-24 inches.

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