How is a Sofa Bed made?

How is a sofa bed made?  

Ever wondered how a sofa bed is made? Well, we’re here to tell you how sofa beds are made. 
If you’ve come to a dilemma where you are short on space in your house or you are hosting guests overnight more than usual then a sofa bed is a must have. Adding a sofa bed to your living room can turn the room into a multi-functional space, while using the sofa bed as a settee you can also, use it as a bed whenever needed. 
The frame of a sofa bed is made most often wood, although newer options include steel, plastic or a combination of all. Dried maple wood is the best material to utilise, as it is free from compromising deformities and it is also, utilised under the upholstery. 
The legs of sofa beds are made of wood as well as plastic. If wood is used for the legs of sofa beds they can be of mahogany, walnut types of wood. The padding which is used in mass production within the sofa bed is made from foam and polyester. 
Cushions which are placed to make a sofa bed extra comfortable for seating and sleeping are made of polyester fibre, polyurethane foam, cotton or even cotton wrapped springs. A sofa bed is mostly covered in a range of fabrics varying from synthetic, wool or even nylon, wool and nylon are known to be the best. Exterior fabric may be finished with a protective anti-stain coating depending on the manufacturer and their production materials. 
A single sofa bed takes up 300 to 600 hours of skilled labour to make. Unbelievable right? So much effort and time is taken into making a single piece of furniture so comfortable for our needs and aesthetic styles. 
Even smaller companies and individuals that own power saws and other motorised machinery, yet specialised hand tools are still applied to detail work such as he stuffing and design like flowers and threading. 
There are a number of steps needed to be completed by the manufacturers and designers before they can sell their sofa beds to retailers such as the framing of the sofa bed, the springs within the sofa bed, padding of the sofa bed cushions and the fabric of the sofa bed too. 

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