How Long Before You Can Sleep On A Hybrid Mattress?

How long before you can sleep on a hybrid mattress?

Imagine you have just bought a new hybrid mattress: You fill with excitement, you tear away the boxed packaging, you dress the mattress up with fresh sheets and cushions….

Then you lie down on top of it, and it doesn’t feel the same as it did when you tried it out in the store. Not a great start, is it? Well, when you buy any type of mattress, such as Hybrid, Memory Foam, Latex, or Innerspring it may take some time to break in to. If your mattress has come in a box, which usually happens for memory foam and hybrids, then your mattress may not be ready to sleep on. So how long is this and why?

Coupe of hours

For hybrid mattresses, it would take 6 hours -if it came in a box- for the mattress to expand back to its original shape. As the hybrid mattress was rolled, crushed out with air, and reduced drastically in size, means that a lot of the memory foam within the mattress has been compressed for delivery and storage. So, it takes 6 hours for the memory foam and layers to return to its original, plump size. 

However, off-gassing, which is the release of chemicals, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and gas can occur when unpackaging the mattress in a box.  The release of these chemicals is harmful, and so it is not safe to sleep on the mattress immediately. Therefore, many mattresses like hybrid and memory foam, may need at least 24 hours till it is safe to sleep on. For some mattresses, the label may even recommend 72 hours!

As a side note, every mattress may have different instruction of use. So, it may be worth to check the instructions or reviews to understand how long before you can sleep on your hybrid mattress.

Breaking mattress

Now, the time has come what you have waiting for: sleeping on the mattress! After all that excitement, patience, and care, you may still find that your mattress does not feel right. And that’s totally normal.

Mattresses may take up approximately 30-90 days to break. Your mattress will need breaking in as your body adjusts to a new mattress. Your body is used to your old one, and like many people, you may have used the old one for up to 6-8 years. So give it some time and sleep on it!

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