How Long Does a Hybrid Mattress Last?

How long does a hybrid mattress last?

Hybrid mattresses are believed to have a lifespan of 10 years but can last longer when properly cared for which is better than some other mattresses. 

Will your hybrid mattress sag?

hybrid mattresses can sag. The foam materials in your mattress will soften over time, as they are exposed to an amount of pressure every night from your body when you are sleeping. Over time, softening of foam leads to a feeling of sinking or sagging, and less support than you originally had.

Care routine

If you take care of your mattress, it will last longer. Proper mattress care includes routine cleaning and following manufacturer care guidelines. Some mattresses can be flipped or rotated regularly and that should make the mattress last longer. 

Sleep Position & Body Weight

The position you sleep in, as well as your body weight, will affect how quickly your mattress wears out. Heavier sleepers may find that their mattresses begin to sag. 

How can I extend the life of my hybrid mattress? 

  • Make sure you clean your mattress on a regular basis 
  • Don’t buy a mattress without Warranty 
  • Don’t sleep on a mattress without mattress protector

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