How Long Does A Mattress Last?

How long does a mattress last?

The main materials that are used in mattresses are memory foam, hybrid, latex or innerspring. Each material of mattress will have a different longevity and life span. This is how long each mattress type should generally last.

Innerspring mattress – 5 to 7 years

Memory foam mattress – 8-10 years

Hybrid mattress – 7-10 years

Latex mattress – 7-10 years

How long does an innerspring mattress last?

The springs in an innerspring mattress do start to wear down over a period of time and can cause the mattress to sag, this means that an innerspring will generally last around five to seven years. Even though the life span of an innerspring mattress isn’t as long as the other mattresses they are still very popular as they are bouncy, comfortable and cheaper than some of the other mattresses.

However, even though an innerspring mattress is one of the cheaper mattresses it still can cause you to spend a great deal of money as you will have to replace your innerspring mattress more often than you would need to with the other mattresses. If you are going to purchase an innerspring mattress then I would suggest you buy an innerspring mattress that has an additional layer of coils alongside a nice soft pillow as this will provide extra comfort.

How long does a memory foam mattress last?

Memory foam is a strong material that can last around eight to ten years. The long life span of the memory foam mattress is because it does not contain a great deal of materials and components in this type of mattress. This means there are fewer materials in the mattresses that can deteriorate.

Memory foam mattresses need to be rotated and cleaned regularly and need to be aired out.

How long does a latex mattress last?

Latex mattresses last the longest out of all the mattress types this is because this material is the most resilient. Though it’s important you purchase a 100% latex mattress if you want it to last the maximum amount of time which is fifteen to twenty-five years.

Natural latex mattresses generally cost more but this balances out with the other types of mattresses because of how long the mattress is made to last.

How long does a hybrid mattress last?

Hybrid mattresses aren’t as strong as memory foam mattresses but they can still last up to seven years. As hybrid mattresses contain a lot more layers than the other types of mattresses they are also more prone to sagging and dipping this is why their life span is shorter than memory foam.

Hybrid mattresses can be rotated but you shouldn’t flip hybrid mattresses unless it is recommended by the manufacturer.

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