How Long Is A Single Bed?

How long is a single bed?

What are the dimensions of a single bed?

Single beds are 3 feet wide and 6 feet in length, which in centimetres is 90cm in width and 190 cm in length. The dimensions of a single bed make them perfect for anyone who sleeps alone or has limited space, whether they have a smaller bedroom or live in a small apartment.

Who should purchase a single bed?

A single bed can be purchased for anyone whether that be an adult or a child. Single beds are ideal for children as they provide plenty of room for them and can grow with them into their teenage years also. Adults can also purchase single beds if they sleep alone or are limited in space, though the single bed can feel cramped to some people and if that is the case then you should purchase the double bed. The double bed provides plenty of room for a single adult sleeper. Though, the name can be deceiving the best intact is designed with only one sleeper in mind. Many people who sleep alone tend to opt for the single bed because they are misinformed and assume the double bed is made for two people but that is not the case. The double bed is perfect for any single sleeper who has a single bed and feels as if they need some more bed space to sleep in.

The single bed is also not going to be an ideal bed for anyone who is taller than 6 feet tall, your feet will hang over the end of the bed. If you are a taller individual I would suggest going for the king sized bed and if you are exceptionally tall then the California king bed would also be a great option.

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