How Mattresses Affect Your Sleep

How do mattresses affect your sleep?

As you may know, finding just the perfect mattress to sleep in after having a long day of work, school, social events such as a family dinner or parties, or even a night out with friends equals a well-deserved rest. But some take hours to fall asleep, tussling in frustration as to why they just can’t fall into a dream. Wonder why? Well, let us list a few reasons how a mattress can affect your sleep.

A lot of the times when someone buys a bed they often use it for a very long period, more than a couple of years, possibly even up to 10-15 years? Maybe a shocker to some, some might not even realize how long they’ve had the same bed for! One of the biggest factors on how your mattress affects your sleep is the age and compression of your mattress. Age for a bed? That’s a thing?

Yes, it is, the age of a mattress is all to do with the production and manufacturing of the mattress, the layers, materials, and stitches used. Just like how a gardening glove can get worn out but not have any tears or rips, but still need an updated version, mattresses also need to be upgraded. Old beds often don’t feel as comfortable to sleep in as it has sunken in too much and is unable to reform or spring back up. 

Over time, your weight as you grow older also has an effect on how much your mattress is able to hold for a period of time, this can either be due to the quality of the mattress or the size of the bed.

Two main reasons having a good mattress is important:

  1. If you do not have a good mattress that can adapt to your body and allows you to relax, then you may develop some pains. Shoulder pain, neck pains, leg pains, wrist pains, and even migraines and headaches. The softness or firmness of your mattress attributes strongly to your physique and good sleep. Especially if you are someone who is constantly moving throughout the day or someone who exercises frequently. The mattress may be old which causes discomfort or a new mattress might be ‘too hard to lay in or sags too much in the middle. On Furnitureful we have all kinds of shapes, sizes, and firmness so YOU can have the perfect sleep.
  2. One word. Allergies. Did you know that you may be allergic to your mattress or the fabric of your mattress? Sometimes when people wake up their skin can feel irritated, dry, itchy, redness/sore, or have a runny/blocked nose. Some might even have rashes or difficulty breathing when asleep. Why you may ask? This is because over sometime mattresses and beds develop faecal matter, this is from your hygiene and body. Most of the time it is caused by dust mites, otherwise, it can be due to the chemicals within the mattress, possible latex allergy, or dermatitis.

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