How Mattresses Are Made

How mattresses are made

Mattresses are usually made the same way, but with different materials. Materials are layered on top of one another and people then use adhesive to attach the layers to make sure the materials don’t move. Mattress fabric is then sewn around the whole mattress to give it a clean look and allow a layer of protection so the customer can sleep or sit comfortably and safely without having any trouble with materials moving around or hurting them.

Foam mattresses:

Foam mattresses are popular as they give support, they mould around the body to give comfort as people sleep. Foam mattresses are made up of polyurethane which is used as the base layer. Memory foam is then placed on top as well as other padding materials, they are stuck together with adhesive but the type of adhesive depends on the materials used. Fabric is then stitched around the mattress to give it a clean look and a layer of production.

Spring mattresses:

Spring mattresses are beds that use dozens of metal springs to provide support, they also have softer materials are layered on top and around the springs to provide comfort. Fabric is stitched all around the mattress to give it a clean look. Spring mattresses are usually firm, heavier people may benefit more from using spring mattresses as they are more durable and can give a lot of support.

Latex mattresses:

Latex mattresses are made up of 2-4 layers of latex. There are 3 types of latex, synthetic, blended and natural. 

  • Synthetic latex is mostly made from SBR, SBR is a type of rubber that looks like plastic, synthetic mattresses are safe and affordable they are an alternative to natural latex. 
  • Blended latex is a combination of natural latex and synthetic latex they last longer than synthetic latex and contain fewer chemicals. 
  • Natural latex is more durable and eco-friendly, however, they are expensive. 

Gel mattresses:

Gel mattress combines gel foam with spring or foam base. Gel foam is a viscoelastic foam mixed with millions of tiny gel beads that gives extra support and is flexible. It also gives a cool surface which helps with body heat.

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