How much can I save in the mattress sale?

How much can I save in the mattress sale?

During a sale for mattresses, you can save a couple of hundred pounds. This depends on the type of mattress you want to buy, the quality of it and the materials the mattress is made from. The cheaper mattresses will droop in price a lot during a sale because the cost to manufacture one is not much and probably readily available from multiple stores. 

What is a fair price for a good mattress?

  • If you are on a budget a mattress that has been made from basic materials such as an all-foam mattress or with an inner spring construction, you should be expecting to spend around $250 to $1000. This is just for an inexpensive mattress that will do the job, nut do not expect it to last as long some of the premium mattresses out there due to the cheap materials used on a cheap mattress.
  • Moving to a higher price range, if you are willing to spend around $500 to $1500. At this price range you can expect mattresses to be of a higher build quality and the mattresses will last a lot longer than the mattresses bought on a budget. Moreover, you should expect some other aspects of the mattress to be different from a normal mattress for example you may find a mattress that is ergonomically designed for spinal support.
  • For the premium range of mattresses, you are expecting to spend around $1500 to $3000. This number can change as for a premium mattress you can easily exceed the $3000 mark especially if you are aiming for a king or emperor sized mattress. At this price range you can expect the mattress to be tailored to your needs. The mattress will end up being a hybrid of materials to ensure maximum comfort and support for you while the mattress is in use.

What is the best month to buy mattresses on sale?

Generally, the best months are March or April. This is because new mattresses are released leaving older model to drop in price. As the demand for newer mattresses increase the price of older mattresses will decrease causing them to go on sale to increase the number of mattresses sold before the older mattresses stop being sold anymore in the future because of the quality and age of the product.

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