How To Assemble A Bed Frame

How to assemble a bed frame

Putting a bed frame together can be very simple, all bed frames come with instructions, so use them to help guide you while you are putting them together a bed frame, some ways to make assembling a bed frame easier is by: 

  • Pay the furniture store to assemble the bed frame.
  • Ask family and friends to help you put the bed frame together.
  • Use the instructions to put the bed frame together yourself.

Step to assemble a bed frame:

  1. Make sure all parts are there for you to assemble 
  2. Add leg attachments onto the headboard and footboards. (Tighten the screws for security)
  3. Fit the side rails onto the headboard and footboard. (tighten the screws)
  4. Place and screw the middle rail onto the headboard and footboard. 
  5. Place the wooden slats In the side rails this helps support the mattress.
  6. After making sure all screws and bolts are tightened you have finished assembling the bed frame.

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