How To Avoid Buying A Bad Mattress

How to avoid buying bad mattresses

Are you worried that you will end up with the worst mattress or another slab foam? The common problem is that there are many options for a bed in a box. I’m going to try and help you avoid making a huge mistake when buying a mattress that is a waste of your time and energy.

I’ll be explaining the tips and steps you have to do to avoid buying a bad mattress. By giving you a handful of options of mattresses that owners love. That is worth the money and has a trial warranty and free return policies that are for real.

Marc Anderson is the CEO of the mattress industry for 25 years his experience as a mattress designer, fabricator, and online tailor. He had made a mattress for all kinds of people that have medical issues like back pain, arthritis, and even migraines.

You can look at many reviews online or hundreds of online mattresses but trying to find the right mattress just seems impossible. According to facts that 50% of American people hate their mattresses, it is difficult enough to find a mattress online or in retail stores. But then having one and still hate it within a few months.

Firstly, you will need to understand that everyone isn’t physically designed to sleep on every mattress that is out there. The fact mostly weighs on that point what is typical height and weight, are they a side sleeper and many other issues. Then you will be able to have some much broader options. For example, like an athlete, or a person that has back pain or is overweight, some brands will work better for them than trying a typical 10” slab of foam in a bed.

Many companies spend millions on advertising so that you can find their product on the internet. Many mattresses that are sold online are identical on the inside but could have outer coverings and have been installed with more features. (Pillow top, organic and upgraded fabric, attractive piping, and patterns which will cost more, but will offer little in comfort and support)

The layers in the mattress that you are buying will need to be well, such as the textiles and padding material like wool, organic cotton, bamboo, and Tencel these are all the options. This is mostly reviewed by each manufacturer that will have a different option, as not everybody is alike.

The competition for an online mattress is up to 50% of the money that you can shell out for a new mattress that doesn’t go to the mattress. The 3 aspects are marketing, advertising, and the huge commission that most mattress companies are paid to review on the site or salespeople to promote the product in this case would be the mattress. Out of the $800 that you will spend on the mattress only 19% will be used on the materials of the mattress in the manufacturing.

The bottom line is that you would roughly have to pay $800-$1000 which could be the worst mattress that you can buy. But the expert is the main and final person that will review the mattress to tell you that is a high-quality product.

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