How To Build The Perfect Home Theatre Room

How to build the perfect home theatre room

Its movie night! Whether that be preparing for a short and sweet Netflix chill, a movie marathon or to start bingeing on your favourite series, there is so much you can do if you have a theatre room.

If you are blessed with the luxury of having a spare room for an at home cinema/ theatre, then you have a real project on your hands. We all love watching films and series and deserve at times to have a break from life and wind down. There are many things you can do to make the experience better. Here is a guide on what to keep in mind when building a home theatre!

The projector

Get a projector! These are very important for a home theatre as you can project movies onto a projection screen which will appear as big as a regular T.V, a very similar replication of a real-life cinema you would experience on a night out.

There are a few types of projectors that you can buy, so make sure you go with the cinema centric model.

The TV

Install a T.V in your cinema room too! You can always screen mirror movies from your phone, laptop, or log into Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney plus and more if you don't want to use the projector.


Another home theatre feature is to add in speakers so the volume can be carried around the room- similar to that of a cinema. This really does make watching movies much more cinematic and enjoyable! Now you have set up a big screen size as well as loud volume which will create that exciting feeling when the movie comes rolling in.


You will need to paint the walls and ceilings of your theatre room a dark colour- no light colours! This is so when the lights turn off, the movie screen is the focus, it pops out and is highlighted making it the centre of focus. As you can imagine, if there are light colours then it will cause the light from the projector and T.V to reflect around the room which is not ideal.


Lighting is an important feature in a home theatre. You will need to block out any light that can stream inside. So, make sure that any windows in your theatre room are blocked out as you don’t want natural lighting coming in, you can achieve this by getting blacked out blinds and curtains. Thick and dark curtains will block light and absorb sound.

Close the door too: the door you have should be one that blocks out light coming from the outside of it so no windows in the door or see-through glass. If so, you could get some curtains or blinds to black them out!

Other sources of lighting you can install inside the home theatre can be dimmers. Dimmers are cinema- friendly lighting because you can control the intensity of the light. So, if you want the light on but dialled down for relaxation you can do that. Want more light? Turn the dimmers up!

Sound proofing

You will need to think about sound proofing your cinema room so that your night goes uninterrupted with noise. No matter where your room is placed, it is inevitable that natural sounds from outside can filter inside. Whether that be noisy children, the washing machine, the lawnmower from the garden or neighbours, or from hoking cars from the outside!

To soundproof, assure that the room has soundproof, solid doors. You should have thick and dark curtains. Your walls should have a second layer of drywall and any cracks in the room should be sealed with caulk.


You will need to fit in some comfortable seating. Get some sofas with recliners which are so relaxing and useful. You can get a sofa that has a drop-down console feature which is useful for a handy table for snacks and drinks, while also is multi-functional as it doubles up as a regular sofa middle seat!

You can also get comfortable reclining armchairs instead of sofa’s f you wish! Line them up and there you have it! A comfortable and aesthetically beautiful set of seating.

Snack table and perches for drinks

You can also get a snack table and place it in the room to place cups, bottles of drinks and trays of snacks! You can place a mini popcorn machine, candy floss machine and even a slush machine if you have the room.

Also, put some small table perches on either side of the sofa or in areas which are easily accessible from the seating area. This just makes settling down food and drinks easier.

You can attach cup holders to the sofa/ armchairs too which is a great tip to think about when constructing a theatre room.

You can also get tray caddies which is a tray that has a cup holder for a drink, a place for your food/snacks and is comfortably designed to be placed on your lap!

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