How To Care For A Spring Mattress

How to care for a spring mattress

Spring mattresses are made with metal springs and they provide support as well as layers of foam and are very much affordable for all budgets. Also, it provides firm support to the back and body and is useful for individuals who prefer a cooler sleep experience.

Did you know that your mattress’s weight can double over 8-10 years?

According to, The Sleep Shop Inc (2022) “Your mattress naturally deteriorates over time when you sleep on it, and, simultaneously, loads up on skin cells, sweat, mites and dust. As a result, it can grow far, far heavier.”

Also, within 10 years your bed becomes less comfortable, less clean and two times heavier. Mostly, you should hoover your mattress every month, rotate your mattress every 6-10 weeks and buy a new one when the old one expires.

Some tips on caring for a spring mattress:

When your mattress has been delivered, leave it to air for a few hours, this will remove any damp and storage smells which will have been collected during production.

Buy a mattress protector, this will help keep your mattress stain-free and will increase its lifespan.

Regularly air your mattress especially when you change your sheets, this will maintain freshness and quality too.

Give your spring mattress good support. Use a sturdy bed frame. If your set is a Full, Queen or King size, make sure your frame has a satisfactory centre support that will discourage bowing or breakage.

Overall, ensure you have the correct mattress size for your bed and if you cannot find a cheap mattress you can visit our website at and purchase your mattress today.

What not to do when caring for a spring mattress?

Do not dry clean your spring mattress. The chemicals in dry cleaning agents/spot removers may be damaging to the fabric or underlying materials. Vacuuming is the only suggested cleaning method. However, if you’re determined to tackle a stain, use mild soap with cold water and apply lightly. Don’t ever soak a spring mattress.

Don’t remove that tag that comes attached to your spring mattress as the label will function as a means of identification should you decide ever to pursue a warranty claim for whatever reason.

Don’t jump or walk on a spring mattress. Your mattress is designed to be slept on. Jumping or walking on your mattress can damage the internal construction and you can cause injury to yourself as well as others.

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