How To Clean A Fabric Bed Frame

How to clean a fabric bed frame

Things you will need, vacuum fabric cleaner bucket, detergent, sponge or cloth, warm water

  1. You should start by stripping the bed of all bedding and pillows, you should then vacuum up any dirt or crumbs that may be left over from removing bed sheets and pillows,
  2. Vacuum the bed frame and mattress, every corner and make sure to go over it twice as you want to make sure you have gotten everything.
  3. You should mix detergent and Luke warm water and use a damp cloth to wipe and work if in the bed frame and don’t forget the headboard.
  4. You can apply fabric cleaner and let it sit In for 10 minutes, and scrub off any harsh stains,
  5. After these steps you should let it dry and if you want you can vacuum it over again to make sure there is no residue left over

Why is it important to clean your fabric bed frame?

It is important to clean your bed as over time dust and dirt accumulate over time and it is important to clean it as it can cause a runny nose and watery eyes and affect you physically, it can also cause you to have bed bugs if not cleaned. It may also lose its colour if not taken care of properly.

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