How To Clean A Memory Foam Mattress

How to clean a memory foam mattress?

Cleaning your memory foam mattress can prolong its life and promote better quality sleep.

The process can remove odours that may have penetrated the froth, also as dirt, sand, foods, fluids, debris, and pet dander.

A dirty mattress can host dust mites, bacteria, and other organisms that cause allergies, skin inflammation, and in rare cases, infections.

Keeping your memory foam bed dry and unsoiled should help improve your quality of sleep, and make it inhospitable for contaminants. Let’s speak about a way to clean a memory foam mattress.

So, here are our recommendations on a way to clean a memory foam mattress:

Check the care instructions

Not all memory foam mattresses have identical care instructions, so it is usually best to consult the care booklet it came with as a primary step. This can be because the manufacturer will recommend the most effective cleaning method for your specific mattress.

Wash your bedding

If your memory foam mattress includes a removable cover, it's good practice to make sure it's clean. Now, you will be thinking 'how does one clean a memory foam mattress cover?'. don't be concerned - most removable covers are mechanically cleanable. However, if yours isn't, follow the steps below to spot-clean any stains.

Clean stains with detergent and water

When cleaning stains on your memory foam mattress, don't get it too wet as this could ruin the froth filling inside. To avoid this, lightly spray lukewarm water onto the stain and gently dab it with a moist cloth.

Try to not let stains dry

If possible, attempt to tackle the stains when they're still wet as it's much easier to figure with. Clean the mattress with a moist cloth and take a look to absorb the maximum amount of moisture possible. Afterwards, open your windows and let the mattress air-dry for as long as you'll be able to before putting your bedding back on.

Vacuum regularly

When you change your sheets, you ought to vacuum your mattress too. This is often because it removes any dirt, dust, hair and dead skin cells which provides you with a clean surface to place your new bedding. Also, this is often really beneficial if you suffer from allergies.

Let your mattress air-dry

After cleaning your mattress, you ought to always attempt to let it air-dry. Air-drying will prevent it from being damp for a chronic period of your time. It is important to make sure it's completely dry before putting any bedding back on.

Sprinkle sodium bicarbonate to stay fresh

If you are looking to stay your mattress smelling clean and fresh, try sprinkling bicarbonate over the surface. confirm you lightly cover the full mattress and leave it for some hours. Then, vacuum the remaining sodium bicarbonate off your mattress and this may leave it odourless!

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