How To Clean An Innerspring Mattress

How to clean an innerspring mattress

What is an innerspring mattress?

An innerspring mattress is the oldest and most common type of mattress there is out there. The mattress is made from a metal wire frame structure that is combined with wired coils to create a support frame. This support frame is then covered in a cushioning material for additional support and comfort.

How to clean an innerspring mattress:

It is important to regularly clean your mattress and to do this successfully you will need a step by step routine that will help and guide you. It’s important that you develop a routine that helps you target stains, discolouration and odour.

  1. The first thing you need to do which is an obvious first step is to strip the bedding off all bed sheets and any mattress padding or mattress protectors that may also be on the mattress. These layers are important as they are the first layer of prevention when it comes to hopefully stopping your mattress from becoming stained and discoloured. Once you have stripped the bedding it’s now time to give them a wash and make them nice and clean.
  2. Whilst the bedding is in the wash it’s time for you to examine the mattress and determine what the damage is. You should keep your eye out for any discolouration and stains and also determine if there are any lingering odours that you also have to address. Once you have identified the odour, you can then decide how deep or light you want to clean the mattress. If the odour and stains in the mattress are strong then you will need to deep clean the mattress and if they aren’t as bad then the cleaning won’t need to be as aggressive.
  3. The next step is to gather your supplies. Depending on how deep or light you clean the mattress will determine how many supplies you need, the lighter the clean the fewer supplies you will need. If you are doing a light clean on your innerspring mattress you will only really need a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe down the mattress. However, if the stains are tougher then you will need a lot of extra effort and will also require more cleaning supplies. But regardless of how deep or light you are cleaning these are the supplies you will require; a vacuum cleaner with a fitted upholstered attachment, mild dish soap for the stains, baking soda to sprinkle on the bed before vacuuming or to help with any spot cleaning, microfibre towels to absorb any moisture and lastly water ideally in a spray bottle as this will help you control how much water you are using.
  4. After you will need to thoroughly vacuum the bed this is important because it’s the best way to get rid of any dust mites, dander, and any other microbes.
  5. If you need to target a specific area and stains then you will need to spot clean and depending on the stain, you will also require a specific stain remover. So it’s important to correctly identify the type of stain you are dealing with so you can use the correct stain remover.
  6. One of the most important steps is to remove any odour from the mattress. You will need to sprinkle the whole mattress with baking soda and then leave it for 30 minutes so it can be absorbed and once this is done then you can vacuum.
  7. Finally, you will need to flip the mattress over and repeat the whole cleaning routine again on the other side of the mattress but hopefully, this side won’t require as much of a deep clean.

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