How To Clean Fabric Bed Headboards

How to clean fabric bed headboards

To clean a fabric headboard you should use lukewarm water with some detergent. And use a cloth to rub the solution into the fabric or any visible stains on the headboard. For harsher fabric stains, you should use a stronger fabric cleaner and spend a bit longer rubbing the solution into the fabric headboard. You can also vacuum the headboard every other week to make sure no dust is left sitting on your headboard and vacuuming also reduces the chances of spawning bed bugs. They help keep your bed and headboard sanitary and last longer.

How to clean wooden headboards

To clean a wooden headboard you should dust weekly to make sure there is no dust or dirt left behind, this helps make it sanitary and clean, you can also vacuum it as an extra precaution. To clean a wooden headboard you can also use hot water with a cloth and wipe any dirt off the headboard. If you want you can also use furniture cleaner to help clean any grease or stains left behind.

How often should you clean your headboard?

You can clean your headboard weekly or monthly. It is recommended to clean your headboard often as a lot of dirt can accumulate behind your bed and can catch onto your headboard. If your headboard is covered in fabric, you should vacuum them either weekly or every 2 weeks.

Oak furniture

An oak bed frame can be cleaned the same as a wooden bed frame. However, you should take extra precautions as oak is a sensitive material. For everyday cleaning, you should wipe the surface with a damp cloth soaked in warm water. You can use cleaning products specifically made for oak but make sure to read the instructions of the cleaning products carefully.

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