How To Clean Sofa Covers

How to clean sofa covers

Are sofa covers machine washable?

Removable sofa covers can be washed however it isn’t recommended to put them in the washing machine as it causes the fabric to become weaker. And easier to fray. If you really need to clean your sofa covers you should do that by hand where there is no friction coming from the harsh washing machine.

However, sofa covers that protect the original sofa and the sofa covers may be washed in the machine as they aren’t as fragile and they are easily replaceable also you won’t have to worry about the cover becoming dull as the covers are cheap and replaceable and can be found easily.

How often should I wash them?

You shouldn’t wash sofa covers as much as you think as you don’t want the fabric to become weak, also by washing them regularly you are causing the fabric to fray. However, if you are using a sofa cover that protects the original sofa then you can wash that as many times as you need, but be careful as the fabric can still become dull and weak.

Alternative methods of cleaning sofa covers:

With a bit of detergent and warm water, use a damp sponge to dap over the sofa cushions to clean up any mess or odour left behind. Although it may not be a deep clean it still removes stains. And it doesn’t weaken the fabric or make the fabric look dull.

You can also use a stain removal spray that is made to get rid of any stains. However, I wouldn’t trust store brought cleaners as you won’t know what chemicals are put in them. Also, you won’t know what type of reaction it may have on your sofa cover material.

You can also vacuum the sofa to get rid of any dust or crumbs that may have fallen through the cracks, this can be done regularly as it doesn’t affect the fabric and structure of the sofa or the sofa covers.

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