How to Cool a Hybrid Mattress

How to cool a hybrid mattress

Mattress can get quite hot! If your mattress is heating up, then your sleep can get quite uncomfortably hot too. Waking up with sweat can be draining and tiring: the sweat stains on your clothes, the beads of perspiration on your skin, the stains on the pillow and mattresses…and to top it off with a disturbed sleep! All leading to the search for solutions.

What are the things you can do to cool your hybrid mattress? Hybrid mattresses can come with a cooling gel layer to offer a cooler sleep. As well as this, hybrid mattresses can be cooler in general as a mattress, as they consist of coils which allows more air flow. But you’re not alone if you are still finding sleep a bit stuffy and hot. So, what can you do?

1. Invest in a cool mattress topper

You can’t change the components within your hybrid mattress, but what you can do is top it off with a cool mattress topper. Now, the topper on your mattress is what your skin is more closely in contact with as it’s directly under the sheets, so if the topper has breathable and cooling properties, then it can function as to what it is designed to do: cool you down. So, invest in a cooling topper, they are easy to remove and cheap!

2. Get a cooler pillow

The second thing you can do is invest in a cool pillow that has been manufactured for hot and sweaty sleepers. Majority of pillows are designed to retain heat and keep you warm, so instead buy a pillow that can absorb and dissipate heat rather than retain it.

If you can’t get a pillow just yet, a temporary solution is to flip the pillow which can offer a brief sense of coolness. But, this isn’t a great solution to the problem as it gives a brief cool and can disrupt sleep if you have to keep turning it. So, it will be worth to invest in a cooling pillow!

3. Ventilate the room

This one seems like a no brainer, and you probably have tried this already. It is important that you open the windows, as well as all the doors in your house to ventilate the air. Opening the attic hatch may also be helpful, as when heat rises it can exit upwards to the top of your house rather than it lingering in your bedroom floor.

4. Use a fan

Another great solution to cooling yourself down and circulating colder air is to use a fan! Putting a fan next to you with a glass of cold icy water in front of it can help cool you down and keep you refreshed. As well as this,  if you have a ceiling fan you can cool your sleep too so that your mattress doesn’t overheat with your high body temperature. Investing in air conditioning is also another great option too.

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