How to cover a sofa bed

Now that you have purchased a sofa bed you may be wondering how to cover it to provide ultimate comfort for you or anyone who sleeps on it. One thing that you can use is a mattress topper.

What is a mattress topper?

 Mattress toppers are an extra sheet of material normally made to provide an extra layer on your bed, ottoman bed, futon, sofa bed or whatever mattress you sleep on that requires a mattress.

Will it benefit me?

Using a mattress topper does not only increase your level of comfort brit can also increase the life expectancy of your mattress. There are many benefits of using a mattress topper such as extra support to your body, reduced movement or motion isolation and overall protecting your mattress - all of these things help you to have a better nights sleep. 

As a sofa bed does not always stay as abed, the constant change between a sofa bed to a sofa, can put pressure on the mattress and cause damage to it. Using a mattress topper is a good idea in order to cover any lumps or dents in the mattress that have formed after using it. 

Another benefit of using a mattress topper on your sofa bed is that it will prevent body sweat, bacteria or dead skin transfer from entering the mattress. This is because the topper becomes a barrier between the body and the mattress.

Make sure to also take into account the following things:

Before you choose a mattress topper it's important to take into account the type of sofa bed you have as a mattress topper may be more useful for a pull out sofa bed that has a mattress directly inside the sofa bed in contrast to some newer designs where the back of the sofa bed comes directly down to provide a flat surface to sleep on. Although sofa beds are useful and versatile pieces of furniture they sometimes have cushioning that is thinner than other beds. The Cushioning tends to have at least half the thickness of a regular mattress which can cause the person sleeping on it to feel the springs within the mattress over a period of time, which is why a mattress protector is a good purchase to prevent this from happening.

What comfort level is your sofa?

In order to determine what type of mattress topper you need, it is important to take note of how comfortable your existing sofa actually is. Is it comfortable to sleep on? Is the mattress too thin? There are a few reasons why your sofa bed is Uncomfortable. Perhaps your sofa bed is uncomfortable because it has a thin level of cushioning. A thin layer means that when you are lying down on the bed you will likely feel the frame of the sofa bed which will cause discomfort. Alongside this, your sofa bed may have a metal or steel frame so feeling this through the mattress while you are sleeping does not provide the best sleeping experience. 

Now that you have determined that you need a mattress topper another item that can improve your sleeping experience is by also investing in a fitted sheet. Fitted sheets can be used on top of a mattress topper providing a luxurious extra layer that your skin will love. Using a fitted sheet will also provide breathability and softness which a mattress topper may not be able to provide alone, due to the type of material it is made from. Make sure to purchase the correct size for your mattress topper and fitted sheet together to prevent it from slipping off or coming undone during the night.

These tips are key for having the best nights sleep on a sofa bed. Why not check out our other posts on sofa beds here on the Furnitureful blog as well as many other tips for your home!

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