How To Create A Family Room

How to create a family room

Our functional yet modern family living room concepts are designed to keep the peace and help everyone calm. It’s vital that everyone in the family feels at home and nowhere more so than in the room where we come together to watch a film or talk with our friends.

The living room is the most friendly room in the house, so make sure it delivers enough seating for the whole family, plus a few guests. If you don’t have the area for extra chairs, an upholstered or leather ottoman will do the job and can be used as a footstool when not needed as a chair.

If you’re looking to buy a new armchair, check whether you have room to elevate it to a loveseat that can seat two people who are happy to nestle up together.

Above all, living rooms need to deliver comfort. If your room leaves you feeling cold, make it feel cosier entirely by adding soft texture. A plush carpet or a rug can alter the look of a room, instantly making it feel more welcoming.

So what makes an excellent snug family living room? Deep sofas with bulky seats decorated with a line of squashy cushions will entice the whole family to relax and spend the evening together, rather than in different rooms.

Create a zone area for the family to relax

Regardless of the ages within the family home, the living room will need to meet many different needs. From a playroom for small children to a movie room for young adults and a home office for parents, the modern living room has never worked harder!

Make the area feel inclusive while maintaining dedicated zones for different purposes – especially crucial in small living spaces.

Wondering how to organise living room furniture? Reserve an area of the room, whether large or small, to assure everyone has a place for their needs. Set up a workstation at a small table in the corner of the room away from the central hub of enjoyment to avoid any distractions.

Create a play area for children

Create an alluring space for kids to feel free to play during the day. Layer the living space with soft surfaces from plush rugs to cushions and blankets to form a kid-friendly zone within the main living room if your home doesn’t have the extravagance of two separate living rooms.

Ensure you have a decent size sofa bed in your family room

Essential for all living rooms, but mostly for family living rooms, is a comfy sofa. It’s fundamental to have a sofa big enough for all the family and friends to gather and nestle up together.

It’s also a counted bonus with a family to have a sofa bed element combined into the sofa design so kids can lay down for a nap but still be within sight. A sofa bed is not just for families with young children but is great for teenagers who may want to have a sleepover with friends.

Design a gallery wall

Designing a gallery wall in the family room is a great idea too especially if you want the interior to stand out more and you want it to look more aesthetically pleasing too. Whether you get your children doing arts and crafts and putting up their drawings and pictures or whether you buy some from a store and put them up, either way is great and optional too.

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