How To Create Your House Ready For A Home Party

How to create your house ready for a home party

House parties! The best tips and advice on how to get your home ready for a party, so that everything goes smoothly. A ‘how to prep’ guide so that as a host, your stress can be greatly reduced, which means that you can enjoy the occasion just as much as the guests. Being prepared and organised is crucial to ensure your party preparations and hosting the party goes smooth sailing, so let's get started on what you have to do.

Get the theme right

First question: what sort of party is it? When planning a party, you need to get the theme and tone right. You should decide this by thinking about what type of party it is. Is it casual, celebratory, what holiday or event is it intended for? Then think about decorations, colour schemes and accessories.

For example, you can go dark for a more elegant and sophisticated look if it's a casual social party. You can create a brighter and livelier look using decorations for a celebratory party such as a baby shower with colours pink and blue.

Make the house presentable

You will need to do a huge cleaning in your home! Decluttering, cleaning and disinfecting your home will create an open and bigger space so your guests can fit in nicely. Ensure that old, unused or broken furniture and household items are decluttered.

So do a speed clean on all the rooms in your home, or if you're short on time or help, you can hire a cleaning service which can be very useful. Make sure all the rooms are updated and stocked, for example the kitchen is stocked with foods and snacks, the rooms have changed bedsheets, the bathroom is stocked with towels, toilet paper, soap, and all.

You can also open your window and blinds so daylight can stream through to brighten up the space, or if you're going for a relaxing, night out mood then curtains/blinds shut!

Raise a glass

Every social party requires the correct set of glassware! You should always keep a fancy set of glasses for guests separate from your day-to-day ones. Ensure you have a set of dinery items, from plates, to glasses, dessert bowls, and cutlery.

Other pieces of dinnerware for food, desserts and snacks are also a must for a house party. Such as salad/soup serving bowls, snack serving dishes, dessert serving dishes, casseroles etc

You can also get some disposable paper party plates and cups to make life easier- especially when you have a lot of guests.! For example, if you're hosting a children’s birthday party, you can get ones that match the colour scheme and theme as they come in so many patterns and colours.

A perch for drinks

Place a mini table either side of the sofa so guests can place their drinks easily! Don’t forget the essential coffee table too! Centrally locate this in the room and the sofas to create a focal point, where the sofas face towards each other so that the guests can use it to place their drinks, plates, phones and other necessities.

Create intimacy and comfort

There's nothing like getting a fire roaring that exudes comfort and intimacy- create a comforting environment by getting a fire going.

Lighting is another technique to create intimacy and create a soothing atmosphere to keep guests relaxed! Look into getting lighting that can illuminate the room, so get overhead lights as well as lamps in areas that are darker where the light doesn't reach. You can also get lighting that can be controlled in its intensity, such as dimmers! This is so you can dial it down to keep it relaxed or increase it when you need to.

You can also drape comforters and throw blankets over a sofa or armchair to increase the comfort and style of your home. Add in throw pillows for decorative accent too, perfect for cosiness and practicality!


Yes, decorations! For example, a few ideas include banners that state the party intent such as ‘happy birthday’, string lights, buntings, tissue paper honeycomb balls, hanging paper fans, lanterns, candles, and balloons. You can also get a cinematic lightbox that comes with letters and emojis so you can spell out what you want and light it up!

The little things count

It's always pleasant to come into a home that has taken in account the small things. For example, a place to hang coats, keys, a taxi number for a guest who needs a ride to get home.

You can even get some disposable aluminium foil containers with lids if you have spare food and want to distribute it for the guests to take home with them!

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