How To Declutter Your Living Room

How to declutter your living room

There is a list of things you can do to try and help organise and declutter your living if you would like to successfully declutter your living room then you should follow these steps.

Steps on how to declutter your living room:

Step 1: The first step is to sort out the items in your living room into three piles, keep, donate and chuck. You will need to sort through the items in the living room and decide whether you want to keep the item in the living room, store the items in a different area of the home, donate them, or chuck them out. It’s important to be ruthless with the items in your living room, including the furniture.

Step 2: The second step is to throw away any items in the living room that are broken. It’s important to get rid of any items that are broken or just unusable. If there are items that you don’t want to throw away, you can always donate them or pass them down to family or friends.

Step 3: The third step is to declutter magazines. You need to create and make a daily habit of decluttering and organising through the magazines and newspapers you have in the living room. If you choose to keep any of the magazines or newspapers you can neatly store them on a magazine rack or even in a drawer.

Step 4: The next step is to clear out under all of your sofa cushions. Items and dirty can start to collect under sofa cushions so it’s important to clear these out quite regularly.

Step 5: The final step is to make it a routine to put away items that don’t belong in the living room as this will prevent the living room from becoming cluttered.

Now that you have decluttered the living room, it’s time to deep clean the living room too. You will need to clean all the surfaces of any dust or dirt and then clean and empty any drawers or cabinets. You should then wash the skirting boards and clean all the neglected areas such as light switches, remote controls etc. Once you have done that then you can deep clean the sofas. If the fabric of the sofa is washable, you can wash it and if not you should follow the cleaning instructions that came with your sofa. Lastly, you should vacuum the carpets, rugs and curtains, make sure not to miss areas such as under the sofa.

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