How To Decorate A Teenager's Room

How to decorate a teenager’s room

Get inspiration

We can all learn a lot from social media. When it comes to decorating ideas the first thing to do is to get your teenagers preferences and both of you to use social media to get inspiration. Pinterest is great for visualising bedroom ideas as there are a lot of mood boards and ideas you can pin if you like them which is helpful for a starting point. Other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc are also useful too.

The colour palette

You will need to establish a colour scheme, so ask your teenager what they like and if they want to go monochromatic or to use a combination of colours. Ensure you follow their preferences, so the bedroom is a reflection of them! Once you have a colour idea, you should then proceed to purchasing accessories that fit the scheme.

Upgrade their bed

Teenagers love to sleep! One of the most important things for all of us is to get good quality sleep so we can perform our best, have a good mood and so our bodies are healthy.

It's important that you purchase the correct bed size which fits for them, a good mattress and other bed related accessories such as mattress topper, mattress protector, duvets, blanket, a cushion, and bed sheets. These are the essentials of a typical bed.

Optionally, you can amp up the comfort of their bed by draping a comforter over the bed or a chair (that is harmonious in colour with the room) which will look amazingly cosy and is practical for cold nights. Get some throw pillows which add a decorative accent! Throw pillows are great as they come in so many patterns, materials and colours and can be thrown away and re-purchased when an upgrade is needed. Lastly, you can add in more throw blankets and quilts if your teenager loves layers!

Add their style

Its important you add some of your teenager’s personality in their room. You can ask them what they would like to add, such as posters on the walls of their favourite music artists or inspiration quotes, framed pictures that are meaningful to them or wall art they find aesthetic, flowers, plants, if they want to buy artificial vines or lights to string down the wall. They can dedicate a wall or a shelf to display some of their achievements such as certificates, prizes, medals and trophies from school, college or extracurricular activities. Whatever it is to be, it should be a bedroom they are proud of- one that is empowering and expresses who they are.

Add stations

The number one station that a teenage bedroom should have: a workstation! Finding the time and effort to study can be a strenuous task, but by creating a station that is dedicated for homework, essay writing and tasks will help them to stay motivated. It is never good to mix spaces - such as using their bed which is for sleep and rest to study and focus on, as it is demotivating and makes them feel sleepy and distracted.

So separate stations. Their bed is for sleep and rest, and one area in the room is for studying. Create a desk with a lamp, pen holders, shelves, stackable containers with essentials like sticky notes, pins, tape, glue sticks and more stationary items they need. You should also get the stacking paper tray so paper and sheets can be organised.

What other stations do your teenagers need? Think about their hobbies. For example, you can create a reading nook/ library corner if they love to read. You can create a mini yoga scene if they like yoga, or a section for weightlifting which has their weight collection there. This does depend on if you have a space too so don’t worry if you can't fit this in, or if this station is small.

The little conveniences

Lastly is the little convenience. For example, add in several shelves near their desk, a bin, a mirror or vanity table, a bedside table, lamps, hooks to hang some clothes on at the back of the door, a sturdy wardrobe that fits their clothes and shoes, and furniture such as stools, sofa beds or benches which can be a great addition to the room.

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