How To Decorate For Eid

How to decorate for Eid

Eid is an important celebration for Muslims around the world! When it comes to decorating for occasions, it's important to implement some decorations, traditions, and style so that you can get in that festive mood.

1. Banners and balloons

First piece of decoration on the list: banners! Decorate the walls of your house with the happy Ramadan banner- you can go DIY and make it with colourful, glitter paper, or purchase some from the shop. You can hang the banner across the front door of your house, in the hallway, in the living room wall - anywhere that can attract the most attention, a place that is visibly in eye view when you walk in. 

You also can get some colourful balloons which really do add to the festivity. You can go for custom Eid ones or any regular plain ones. Some balloons come with confetti inside too! You can go for a colour scheme here and pick any colours you would like. Green is a common colour to go for that is a traditional and common look - but you can go for anything! The balloons can be either regular ones or ones that have helium that rise to the surface- it’s up to you.

2. The theme

The moon and the star are very holy in the Islamic communities so when you're purchasing decorations make sure the moon and the stars are in your decorations. This can be making lanterns with cut out moons and star shapes, fairy lights that are moon and stars, balloons with this shape, banners with this symbol, an LED décor ornament of this or posters/drawings.  You can make a paper chain of the moon and stars too and string this from the wall, so it dangles down!

3. Add some intimacy

Other decorations to have around your house are candles. These add a warm and pretty glow to the room, adding style and depth.

Alternatively, and sometimes perceived as more aesthetic, is adding lights! These can be fairy lights with the moon and star shapes, or the regular ones. String lights down the walls, or hang them across the wall, on shelves or on the branches of a tree which will look amazing! You can also wrap lights around the banister to spread the happiness around the house which is a fun and easy way to add more to the home.

You can also add intimacy by getting a fire roaring if the weather is cold!

4. Traditions

Go that extra mile and purchase henna - this is a common tradition where many girls get their henna tattoos done. You can make a table stand for henna by setting a table and some chairs for this. Decorate the table with some henna cones, sparking lights/ a lamp for aesthetic and practical use, pictures of henna designs for inspiration and some petals sprinkled on top and voila!

You can even add a donation box for charity on the henna table, or any other place in your home, as giving to the needy is a massive part of Eid too.

5. Set the table

Like any other festivity or party, food is an incredibly important part. It is what most people look forward to, what makes the festivity even more great, and is also something that is also important for Eid. So, set the table.

Get the fancy glassware out for guests, including tissues (be fancy with it!) and set out placemats, coasters, a vase of flowers, a nice hanging light up ahead and even a nice tablecloth (for example, a fancy velvet one). You can even sprinkle some gems or petals on the table too. Hospitality is very important as we all know, so for Eid we should really go out there.

6. Spread Islamic art on the walls

Another great decorating advice is to spread Islamic art on the wall. These really are amazing - think of the theme and colour so it can fit in with the style of the room. This can be paintings, drawings, posters, or tapestries. If you are on a budget print some Islam inspired quotes or pictures for Eid and then frame them. You can also purchase some stickers for the wall too.

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