How To Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

How to decorate your guest bedroom

Spare bedrooms don’t get a lot of attention as they should and they usually come as an afterthought, however with a little bit of effort, you can create a comfortable space where guests want to spend the night.

When you're decorating your spare bedroom, you are treating it as you would when you're decorating your bedroom and giving it the same care and attention.

Lighting is always important no matter what room it is, lighting has a major impact on how the room will look so don’t make it an afterthought.

The bed

One thing that every guest needs is a good, comfortable night's sleep. Assure that the guest room has a good quality mattress, bed frame and a comfortable, clean set of sheets, cushions and blankets adorned on top. You can go for a classic, simple colour which will look appealing to most people, such as white, off white, grey, beige or generally light- tones colours.

Use super-sized cushions to amplify up the comfort. Add additional layers of comfort such as a soft comforter and drape it across the bed- this looks aesthetically pleasing and is practical if they need another layer for warmth. You can add in throw blankets and a quilt for a more layered and comfortable look.

Add as many throw pillows as possible for decorative accents which match the guest room’s colour and style. Layer them presentable on the bed with the bigger pillows at the back and the smaller pillows at the front and there you have it! You have made yourself a guest-worthy bed which will please any guest.

A wardrobe

An empty, clean wardrobe is a must! So, the next thing you should look into is giving your guests somewhere to hang their clothes so that they don’t have to live out of a suitcase if they are coming to stay there for a couple days. Try to investigate purchasing a wardrobe or a cheaper and space -efficient option: a clothing rail for the room.

A chest of drawers

Next is a set of drawers. This doesn’t have to be massive, but something where the guest can place their smaller items and necessities - whether that be clothing items, make up, or bathroom supplies. If space is limited, then you can use a small plastic set of draws instead of the wooden, bigger sized ones. Or you can get some storage nesting baskets which can work for the same purpose.

A mirror

Hang a mirror on the wall! Sometimes mirrors can even be placed inside of the wardrobe - but having a mirror is important for guests! If you have an en suite in the bathroom, ensure there's a mirror there too!

Stock up on bathroom supplies

The guest rooms bathroom/ en suite should be stocked up with all the essentials- such as new packaged toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand soap, mini bottle of shampoos, lotions, body wash, and toilet paper. A clean, set up bathroom will make life easier and pleasant for guests in case they have forgotten to bring anything.

Touches of personality

Add in some personality and colour in the guest room so it seems much more pleasant to ease into. It sometimes seems a bit foreign when staying overnight away from home, so add some wall hangings, a vase of flowers, plants, and lighting (such as fairy lights) to give the guest room a homey feeling.

A mini table

You should put in a mini table and chairs somewhere in the guest room. This is just a useful piece of furniture as it provides a place to put their bags on, do their work if they need to, an area to eat if they would like and so much more.

Don't forget bedside tables! You can place a small bedside table on one or both sides of the bed. If you want to go for something practical, get one with drawers and place a lamp on top, a box of tissues and a decorative pot of plants/flowers. If you want something simpler, you can just get a mini table which is primarily just a surface where they can place their items on top too.

The mini essentials

It's always pleasant to come into a home that has taken in account the small things. For example, a place to hang coats, keys, a taxi number for a guest who needs a ride to get home. You want to make your guests feel comfortable when they come to stay, so why not make your guests feel pampered with little touches and make them a little basket with all the essentials in there!

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