How To Decorate Your Home For Summer In 6 Easy Steps

How To Decorate Your Home For Summer In 6 Easy Steps

As summer approaches, your home is bound to be the central component where summer memories are created and cherished. Whether those memories stem from a home packed with children home from school for the summer, or the hosting of a fancy cocktail garden party for friends and family, it is a place you want to be proud of. There are many things you can do to get your home decorated this summer in just 5 steps

1. Furniture

Add character, colour, and functionality to your home by adding furniture. These can be sofas, coffee tables, storage benches, footstools, filing cabinets and accent furniture.

Well picked furniture can suit any sized room, so don’t limit your creativity and desire for décor for fear of shrinking a small room! As well as general furniture and décor, you can add accent furniture to add personality and character to your room, as this can complement general décor nicely. Furniture can really take your interior design to another level, with a few additional furniture pieces that are either for functional use or for visual design, which can transform the most ordinary room into something extraordinary and unique.

2. Carpets

No one likes a cold, hard floor…

Not only do carpets accentuate and give the room some shape, they also can add harmony when matched with the rest of the home giving it a sense of uniformity and style. Carpets cut your room in shapes and add colour to the room. Not only is it visually aesthetically pleasing but serves as a comfortable piece of décor for your needs so that you can walk over it on cold mornings or winter days!

Place carpets under a coffee table, under a desk, lining a hallway or create sectional accents to separate parts of the room like the seating area and dining area.

3. Lighting

Let there be light!

Lighting is one of the most deserving aspects of home décor worthy of applause, as they look amazing and add emphasis to the whole room giving it a new life. Lighting can also highlight interesting features such as a workspace or reading area. It can also accentuate areas such as a dining area, alcoves, an art display, shelving display, fireplace, or window seat.

There are so many lights you can get- trendy glass lighting, chandeliers, metallic lighting, floor lamp, table lamp, fairy lights and more!

4. Summery pillows

New pillows are great as part of your summer decorating craze. If you want to match the décor of the room you are after, then a pillow upgrade is a must! Not only can they harmonise or stand out against the colours of your home but are plumper and comfier than your old ones. If you don’t want to buy a whole new pillow, then you can opt for purchasing a fresh pillowcase which can help you save money and make your room look better.

5. Flowers

Flowers in vases, plants and even artificial greenery are a beautiful piece of décor to add to your home- just a few touches here and there can really give your home some personality. Do you want to make your office look more professional and elegant? Add a plant. Want to add some colour to your living room to give it a home-like feeling? Add a vase of flowers. You can place them almost anywhere, such as outside your home, on a table, desk, or shelf. In summer there are many flowers you can get, for example, peonies are only in season in May/June if you want fresh flowers and have a beautiful fragrance! You can even get artificial cactuses, vines, or leafy plants – whatever suits you!

6. Art

Unleash your inner artist!

Hanging pieces of art in your home really is perfect when it comes to interior designing and decorating. This summer, try adding some mural art on some bare walls, a canvas, a family picture or photograph, or wall art sets and you will see how much these splashes of creativity and colour add to your home. You can choose the perfect art piece for the colour and theme of your home.

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