How To Decorate Your Home For The Winter

How to decorate your home for the winter

With the changing seasons, it's important to make the necessary changes to our home's interior. To really get into that warm and snuggle wintery mood, there are a couple of tweaks you can do within your home to make both practical and aesthetic improvements.

The fireplace

At number one, we have the fireplace. The heart of the home is the fireplace which is something that you will need to upgrade for the winter. Decorate the mantel piece with candles, lights, soft accessories such as a teddy bear and wintery plants. Add more logs if you have a wood burning fireplace - these fireplaces are very warm and cosy. If you have a gas or electric, you don’t do this. Just focus on decorating your mantel piece and the fireplace hearth! The fireplace hearth is the base of the fireplace- a slab of concrete, stone, or brick. You can place plants here too, lanterns, a fireplace tool set. Make sure that it safe to do so, if you have an open fire you may have to avoid placing flammable items near it.

Add comfortable chairs/sofa

Add accent armchairs in places that are comfortable and practical, for example near the fireplace, next the seating room lounge, in the conservatory or your bedroom! This just exudes comfort and style, a perfect practical addition when it comes to winter decorating. Decorate the armchair with a comforter or throw blanket drapes across the side or back rest, a couple of throw pillows and, if you have space, a small table for a warm drink. You can even add a small pouffe where you can store blankets, as well as it is doubling up as a place to put up your feet! If you really want to go extra, you can add a mini basket on the floor with some books, magazines, and general household stuff too.

Thick drapes

Get rid of those summer sheer curtains and replace it with something darker and thicker. In winter, dark, and thick drapes will absorb heat and shield away cold drafts. You can leave your summer curtains on and simply just place thicker curtains over them which is perfectly fine and easier.

Add comfort

Add throw pillows, throw blankets, comforters and duvets on your sofas, armchairs, and beds. You can style them directly on top or put a few away for storage. Pouffes, footstools and upholstered benches are great comfortable furniture that will be amazing for wintertime, a place to put up your feet and snuggle in with a blanket and hot drink. Just make sure that you get them with storage so you can save space and money on buying additional storage furniture. You can put all your bed-related, comfort - related and general household items away in them.

Make a Beautiful Winter Centrepiece

Create a winter centrepiece! Fill a basket/bowl with beautiful winter scented potpourri. There are so many to go for; fresh pinecones, sliced orange, citrus slices, cranberries, fragrance wood chips, and cinnamon sticks are a great winter potpourri mix that will infuse the fresh smell of winter in your home. They are so decorative! Place them on a decorative glass tray (for example a gold or silver one) which can be any shape (rectangle, circular or hexagonal - they're all beautiful!). Finish your centrepiece by adding a winter indoor houseplant such as snake plants, aloe vera, snowdrops, hyacinths, muscari grape hyacinths, evergreens, and moth orchid are great houseplants.

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