How To Design A Small Bedroom


Small bedrooms, medium-sized bedrooms, large bedrooms… There's no excuse for not designing your bedroom. There's always so much you can do with what space you have!

Your bedroom is a place of utter serenity and peace, where you can unwind and relax. Having a bedroom that feels and looks much more pleasing and comfortable can do wonders for your mood, your sleep and habits! Making simple things like doing tasks at your work table, reading a book, and sleeping on your bed much easier and more enjoyable. So, here is how to design a small bedroom.

Your bed

With a small room, it is not sensible to get a huge king size bed. The first thing you would need to do is get a smaller sized bed. Not only that, but you should get one that has a lot of storage options. For example, ottoman beds are amazing as you can hide a lot of your extra bedding, other bed-related accessories, clothes and items inside instead of letting them fill up the room.

Ottoman beds are a great option as they don't take up any floor space as they are already attached underneath the bed and it also benefits you if you have a small wardrobe.

You can also get raised platform beds- metal or wood- and get storage boxes with zips/lids to slide things underneath your bed! Some beds come with inbuilt storage, such as compartments for things like shoes and drawers for your other necessities.

Narrow it to one storage furniture

Having storage is so important, but even more so with a small bedroom. You should get one storage unit, instead of multiple blocks of storage furniture as they can really clog the room up.

Multi-functional furniture

When it comes to small bedrooms, all the space you use for furniture should be used wisely. We have already mentioned beds such as ottomans, or beds with storage features. But you need to also think about the other furniture you want to include in your bedroom.

For example, if you want to add a bench, footstool, or additional seating - go for those that come with storage! For example, sofa beds are multi-functional, pouffes, stools with lids that can open to reveal a hidden space for storage.

Wall-mounted lights

You can have wall-mounted bedside lamps, Instead of having a bedside table or a pair flanking the sides of your bed. This is great if you don't have space for a bedside table, or if you just want to save floor space in general.

Along with that, make sure your ceiling light is small sized. Go for something that doesn't hang too low or is too big- for example recessed spotlights are amazing as they sit flush in ceilings, dimmers, miniature sized pendant/chandeliers.


Use your walls for shelves! But don’t go overboard by using too much wall space as it can make the room seem clogged up too. But if you have a bare wall, think about floating shelves- stack them so you can get the most out of the space available.

You can also get a bookshelf unit that has compartments/cubes that can be installed into the wall which saves a lot of floor space and looks amazing!


Make the most of your wardrobe space so you can keep as many items stored in the space you have.

You can do this by having hangers that can hang multiple items on them.

You can roll t-shirts and other clothing items, and stand them up in a drawer- this fits in many more items inside, makes picking items easier and visually looks more organised.

You can add a clothing rail underneath a shelf to add additional items - this saves you buying another or a bigger wardrobe.

Add pegs to the back of your door or on the sides of a wardrobe to hang clothing on- this reduces the chances of you leaving clothes on your bed or chair.

Minimalism and Japandi style

Lastly, you should take inspiration from a minimalist style bedroom and Japandi style.

Minimalism is living a simple life - where you get rid of everything that is unnecessary, unused or extra. You don’t want to throw anything that has value, such as sentimental or practical/storage use. But undesired, unused, broken, and purposeless items need to be thrown away and can be anything such as collectable items, old ornaments, random wall hangings and junk you don’t use. You don’t want to hoard stuff when creating a minimalist room. Minimalism also includes using a simple, soothing monochromatic colour scheme in your room! Also having multifunctional, efficient, and less furniture- you have only what you need- that is made through natural materials and simple craftsmanship.

Japandi is an interior design style that couples 2 styles: Scandinavia and Japan. Japandi style is another great interior design style that is great for small bedrooms. It is similar to minimalism- it shares many common interests. Japandi takes the pure functionality and simplicity of minimalism but infuses it with comfort and style. You get the benefits of minimalism without the downside of a bland and plain bedroom or home interior design.

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