How to design any room around your Sofa Bed

Throughout all our blogs we aim to give you the best inspiration on your home including many tips on what to do with your hybrid mattress, how to style your ottoman bed and how to increase the comfort of your sofa bed! In today's blog join us as we look at some easy ways to design any room around your pull out sofa bed. Whether you have one in your living room, guest room or even your main room it's possible to create the room of your dreams through these very basic steps.

A sofa bed is a sofa that transforms into a luxurious bed at whatever time you choose. Whether you are hanging out late with friends to watch a movie or just catching up and sharing stories with your family; the sofa bed can help you create the best memories.

Think about space and size 


Before thinking about the overall room design it's important to see how your sofa bed will fit into your room as it is the feature furniture piece in your room. Is it a large seating area or a smaller guest room? The size of your room will determine how and where you will place the sofa bed. For example, will it be pushed up directly against the wall or do you have enough space to place it away from the wall towards the middle so that you can furnish around it?

Also, make sure to think about the size of the sofa bed and mattress that will be appropriate for the day and also the night. For example, two cushion sofa beds would be enough space for 2 people to sit in but it could be too small for 2 people to sleep in. If you have a bigger space you might consider a queen or king-sized bed with a mattress so that it is big enough for more than one person to use in its sleeping position and enough room for multiple people to sit in during the day - providing it does not overwhelm your room. 

Think about how you can make it comfortable 


The level of comfort of your sofa bed is just as crucial as the size and design of it, when it comes to creating the ideal sleeping environment. The sofa cushions should be thick and comfortable enough that people sitting on them have no idea there's a pull-out mattress beneath them. A strong fabric, such as a linen-like upholstery with a tight weave or smooth natural leather, protects guests from the metal bars inside the furniture. 

When it comes to the mattress there are many ways of making it more comfortable for your guests. For example, you can purchase a quilted mattress topper or use a throw blanket, which will add extra cosiness to the mattress. You can read more about this on our blog.

Think about simple objects to decorate with


Consider the décor that will be on top of the furniture. For example look at what you will have on your coffee table in front of the sofa bed. Try and keep things simple by displaying only a few items on surfaces rather than having extravagant candles, or loads of hardcover books or artefacts. You can use your original accessories by scattering them around the room on cabinet tables, wall shelves, and display units instead of grouping them on the primary surface. This prevents things from being cluttered and draws all the attention to your luxurious sofa bed.

Overall make sure to decorate with a minimalist style. A colour scheme of soft, neutral colours is aesthetically soothing in a bedroom or spare room. This room should be peaceful and friendly for both you or anyone who comes to stay with you.

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