How To Dye A Fabric Bed

How to dye fabric bed

The steps in how to dye your fabric bed are quite intricate. First, you have to clean the fabric. You can do this by rolling a lint roller over the fabric to get rid of any leftover lint.

You should then wash your fabric and create a damp surface this will help the paint soak in completely.

You should remove any parts that you do not want to dye - for example, any nails or screws or the edges of any embellishments added to the bed. If they are not removable then you can try using tape to cover the embellishments prior to painting.

You should then use a spray bottle full of lukewarm water and spray the whole fabric on the bed, this is because it helps with having the paint soak into the fabric.

You can then start painting, but make sure to mix the paint with water, and make sure to paint in the same direction throughout as you want the best coverage, it is best to use a paintbrush instead of any other equipment like rollers or spray paints.

Can you dye a fabric bed?

Yes, there are ways you can dye the fabric on your bed. There is specific paint used for fabric, they are sold in many places such as ‘Wilko’ and any craft shops.

What colour is best for a bed frame?

When choosing a colour for when you are dying your fabric, you should choose darker colours as it is easier to go darker than to go lighter. Some nice fabric colours are deep purple, navy and emerald green. But while thinking about the colours that will go on well you should also think about the colour of your room and the colour you prefer.

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