How to Fit A Mattress In A Car?

How to fit a mattress in a car?

Most mattresses don’t fit inside a car’s trunk. Some cars, however, are ideal for moving twin mattresses, full mattresses, double and even king mattresses.

For example, most mattresses of any dimension will fit in any normal pickup truck. If you can borrow a pickup truck from someone like a friend or even hire one, then that’s your best solution.

If you have a van which has removable seats or even know someone who has a van with removable seats, then it is highly likely a single mattress may fit without any issues. A large car or even a large SUV is enough to carry a mattress over the roof.

If you are planning to tie your mattress to the roof of your car, ensure you have these basic tools available:

  • Thick plastic bag or a mattress bag which will fit your mattress
  • Rope
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Gloves
  • An extra pair of hands in case of problems

Sometimes moving a mattress can be easy but sometimes you can find yourself in a tricky situation. For example, you may find yourself having to move the mattress into a car without help. If you transport a mattress in the correct way, then it is rather time-efficient for you to get your mattress from one place to another. Although, if you incorrectly transport a mattress, you can cause damage to your mattress or yourself or both. So, we suggest research on the best methods of transporting a mattress to prevent any issues from occurring.

Tips for driving safely with a Mattress in your car

Follow these tips to safeguard yourself and other drivers on the road.

Go for a test drive before boarding your trip. Drive around the area with your mattress tied to the top of your car to evaluate for durability. If you notice any changing going on, you’ll need to pull over and adjust or change your ropes or straps.

Avoid traffic and the motorway. The slower you drive with a mattress on the roof of your car, the better as it saves time on your trip.

Get out and check your mattress. Wind and other weather conditions can cause the rope or straps on your mattress to relax during travel. Check on your mattress frequently during your drive to make sure it’s staying in place

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