How To Frame Storage Bed

How to frame storage bed

This is the step-to-step guide for people that would like to build their storage bed frame. Additionally, you will need to use your room space effectively, what you should consider is that you should a wooden bed frame with drawers. You will have to know the basic power tools and the basic woodworking skills to get the job done by yourself.

You first need to build a durable bed frame and use quality materials and professional tools. What’s the best that is recommended is the ¾ plywood and MDF for the bed frame, also for the bottom of the drawers. You would have to buy 1x2 and 1x3 lumber for the wooden strips that you will attach to the frame of the storage bed. The main point that you need to be sure about is the measurements and the cuts need to be accurate. I would recommend that you cut lines in an L- shape and use a circular saw with a fine blade.

To assemble the bed frame there are many techniques, the most popular result that you would get is obtained, you drill pockets holes and insert ¾ wood screws. You could get rigid joints when you are drilling holes and inserting the 2” wood screws. This will make sure that the compound is aligned before you add the screws. These techniques can be used to build any storage bed frame in any size.

Building the storage bed


  • 7 pieces of ¾ plywood -4x8
  • 3 pieces of 2x4 lumber -8
  • 4 pieces 1x2 lumber -8
  • 3 pieces of 1x3 lumber -8
  • 6 pieces of drawer pulls
  • 6 drawer slides
  • 500 pieces of 11/4 screws
  • 100 pieces of 21/2 screws
  • 500 pieces of 11/4 brad nails
  • Glue, stain
  • Mattress


Pre-drill the holes in the wooden components, before driving the screws Then apply several coats of wood stains to the component.

If you plan to make drawers also for storage for the bed, then first you will need to cut the wood for the bed frame and drawer. You will need 7 pieces of ¾ plywood, the 6 pieces that are cut are for a frame for the bed. The rest of the pieces remaining are for the front of the drawers and there are some for the side of the drawers.

You need to mark and measure the plywood and make sure that it’s cut with a circular saw. Then smooth the wood with sandpaper for a professional finish. Continue to cut more components, make sure the lines that are marked are cut accurately, and then that’s half the job done there.

After you should get more plywood and do more cuts for more components. Mark them and then cut them, this will make it easier for you when assembling. cut the wood for the side drawers too.

The building for side drawers

The first step for the bed frame would be the side drawers, this is the order that you need to get the job done professionally I would recommend that you use ¾ plywood or MDF. Then cut the wood with a circular saw that has a fine teeth blade now cut the wood with the directions that are provided. drill the holes at the bottom end of the component of the middle partition, and drill additional pockets holes along the edge of the sides.

Then once you started the assembly you should attach the bac to the front unit, make sure that you align the edges with attention, and use 2 bard nails and glue to lock it all together tightly. Continuing with the project you should start building the front bench for the bed. When you cut the plywood to the right side and make sure when assembling you should put it together with

11/4 pocket hole screws. The wood needs to be level from the bottom to the top components, otherwise, the bed frame won’t have a neat appearance.

Build the unit from ¾ plywood and drill pilot holes before you secure it to the frame of the storage unit. For that, you will need to insert 11/4 screws that will do the job. Make more side units with the same measurements.

¾ plywood for the backside units, you need to align the edges with attention and insert 11/4 screws to secure everything together. As you will see now that you have three benches that you have assembled, they should fit together. As you should use these techniques to build a king-size bed frame with drawers., but you will have to adjust the dimensions of the components.

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