How To Get Rid Of Twin Mattress

How to get rid of twin mattress

Mattresses are one of the main objects in a home that gets replaced often however the process of getting rid of a mattress can be frustrating at times, there is no right or wrong way to get rid of them but some ways of getting rid of your twin mattresses are by;

Sell it

A perfect way to get rid of your twin mattress is by selling it, you can sell a mattress to either friends or family, you can also use online sources to sell your mattress for example, ‘Facebook market’ or even ‘eBay’ this is a great way of reusing your twin mattress and making extra money from it.


If your mattress is in great condition and you feel as though it is a waste of money just to throw your twin mattress away then you should consider donating it, donation is a great way of getting rid of clutter, and making sure you're not adding to land fill. However, before donating your twin mattress be sure to check, it is in great condition and that there are no bed bugs or tears.


If you find that you cannot sell or donate your twin mattress you can always take it to a recycling centre. The metal springs from a twin mattress can be used in the metal industry and if the fabric is in great shape, it can be reused to make other things.

Charity shops

Not all charity shops take mattresses so you may struggle to find a place, however if you look online, it may be easier to find a charity shop that takes mattresses however, it may need to reach certain expectations to be accepted by a charity shop. Some of the charities that may accept mattresses are ‘The British heart foundation’, ‘British red cross’ and ‘shelter furniture shop’

Junk removal service

If you find that you cannot sell or give your mattress away then the only other option is to call a junk removal service, however, think of this as your last resort as most of the time, junk removal services end up dumping your mattress in a landfill which isn't great for the environment.

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