How To Have Minimalist Storage In A Family Home

How to have minimalist storage in a family home

Family homes can look like a warzone! Especially if you have a big family - whether that be raising a newborn, a bunch of children, teenagers or the collective package - it can be a frenzy! It is inevitable that a family home will be a site of chaos (in terms of mess and the family mood). It’s pure mayhem.

In order to deal with the stress of family life, you can transform your family home to provide more physical and mental breathing space by implementing minimalist storage. If you don't know already about minimalism, it is stripping your home of unnecessary items, only keeping the essentials of the home. Items of sentimental or aesthetic value are kept to a great minimum.

For example, if you like a painting /wall hanging keep one or two. Same goes with plants, flowers and collective items!

But to summarise, minimalism is all about simplicity: keeping functional furniture, using a simple colour palette, design and shapes in your home. You should even use natural furniture that has simple craftsmanship and materials, such as wooden furniture.

So if a home is stripped of all these unnecessary items, it will provide more of a simple, peaceful and relaxing environment. One that is easier to think in, move in and maintain its tidiness!

So, how do you have minimalist storage in your family home?

One storage item

Try and get one storage item so we can keep that minimalist-chic visual. We don’t want those chunky draws and units to hog all the space. It will also create a focal command centre where everything is clearly in one space.

Cube storage

What type of storage can you get? Well, cube storage is great for organising large items such as toys and books in your family home. This makes it ideal for a family home.

Floating Shelves

Use shelves! Whatever room in your house- a bedroom, living room, playroom - you can still make the most out of a room. For example, using shelves to organise books, a plant, and a few items of choice. This will save floor space and keep your home looking minimalistic.

Storage baskets and trunks

Storage baskets and trunks are also great when it comes to storage. There are so many designs that fit the minimalist visual - they come in many earthy tones, woven designs and even wooden styles.

You can get a set of storage baskets, or a large one to fit everything in it! Trunks are great too, you can get a large trunk or ones that stack on top of one another. Organise your items in their space, drawers and cabinets.


Lastly, sideboards are great for family home storage. It’s minimalistic, practical and great for both large and small items. Place one of these in your minimalist family home, and it should be more than enough. They come with storage space such as drawers and cabinets and a lot of surface space for putting items on top. For example, placing a plant in the middle, lamps on the side or keeping it bare with one functional.

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