How to make a small bedroom look bigger.

How to make a small bedroom look bigger.

Having a small bedroom can really make it difficult to design and decorate your bedroom and adding things to your bedroom always makes it look smaller than it already is, thus making your bedroom look like it is constantly cluttered despite that not being the case.

Here are some ways that you can give the illusion that you room is bigger than it actually is.

  • Use vertical space

When looking into making a room look bigger adding vertical lines into the room can give your room the illusion that it is longer than it is because, the vertical lines draw the eyes up.

  • Allowing natural lighting in

Adding natural lighting in allows for the room to look brighter and lighter thus making it look bigger.

  • Having a light theme

The colour white opens up a room therefore, decorating a small room in light colours helps brighten up the room, which then makes a room look bigger.

  • Rug placement

Instead of placing your rug away from your bed, placing your rug halfway through the foot of the bed can give your bedroom an elongated look thus making your room appear roomier than it actually is.

  • Mirrors

Adding mirrors in your room give you a place to check yourself out but also they provide you with a great way of making your room look bigger than it is, since the light reflects off of the mirror and into your room making it look bigger.

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