How To Make Your Bed Comfier

How To Make Your Bed Comfier

Step 1: The Mattress is very important

Your bed comfort is primarily reliant on one core foundation, a key element that makes the bed what it is: the mattress.

Hybrid mattress, innerspring mattress, memory foam, or orthopaedic mattresses… whatever your body feels the most comfortable in and offers the right support for you should make your bed ooze with comfort and alleviate pain, stress, and soreness.

Step 2: Mattress topper

Mattress toppers are a fluffy layer that tops over the mattress.

Mattress toppers change the ‘feel’ of a bed. They can make a hard or old mattress feel more comfortable and softer. Add one of these on top of your mattress and you have upped up the comfort factor, even if it’s just a little bit.

They come in many materials and fillings: Feathers, down, latex memory foam, gel, hollow fibre, and microfibre.

Mattress toppers are not only great for comfort, but protect your mattress from perspiration, bacteria, and dead skin cells. This keeps the mattress and sleeper more hygienical, so you don’t get allergies. Mattress toppers extend a mattress's lifespan!

Step 3: Duvet and comforter!

Make a blanket statement.

After the mattress, mattress topper and sheets, the duvet is next. They come in many different thicknesses for a cooler or warmer sleep. You can get a duvet that has either natural or synthetic fillings, whereas a natural one is more comfortable, soft, and breathable.

Comforters are perfect, as the name indicates, for comfort and cosiness. They are great for snuggling into and look great when topped over a bedsheet. They are a thick, quilted, and fluffy blanket topper for additional style and decorative purposes too, as they hang over the bed more than duvets and fluff up the bed.

Tip! Slide comforter inside duvet by opening the duvet cover- this will protect the comforter from dirt and slipping out of the bed when sleeping

Step 4: Quilt!

Get a quilt! Quilts are amazing if you love layers. Traditional quilts are made of three layers: top, inner batting, and bottom. Modern quilts add comfort, softness, and extra warmth on a cold winter night, and are perfect for summer use as they are thin and lightweight.

Step 5: throw blankets and throw pillows

Lastly, and the easiest and most fun step, is to finish off the bed with comfortable throw blankets and pillows! Not only do they add comfort, but add decorative accent, style, and attractiveness to your bed. Cotton, wool, velvet, sheepskin, silk, and leather are great for comfort, softness, style, and durability.

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