How To Make Your Home Furniture Look Expensive On A Budget

How to make your home furniture look expensive on a budget


Lighting! Without adequate lighting, our rooms can look smaller and cramped, creating an unwelcoming and gloomy atmosphere. Now when it comes to furniture, a lack of lighting can make furniture look grey and antique in a dull or lack of light.

So, if you want to revitalise and give your old furniture a new lease of life, then light your furniture up! Whether that be a lamp next to an old armchair, framing lights around the frame of a mirror/vanity table, mounting a new ceiling light in your bedroom or fixing cabinet lights in your kitchen - it all adds so much style and a modern glow.

Blankets and pillows

One of the easiest things to do with furniture, such as an old bed, sofa, bench, armchair, or couch is to change the pillows and blankets. Overtime not only does fashion change, but the quality of material and look can fade - its beauty no longer appealing or fresh as it used to be. So, get rid of your old items. Get some new throw blankets, comforters, duvets and throw pillows and fold them, drape them over the sides and display it aesthetically. You should change throw pillows and blankets regularly anyway as they lose their quality and comfort. There’s always different patterns, colours, textures, and materials. The range is wide so you can really make your old piece of furniture look brand new!

Wall art

Yes, wall art! While this doesn’t change the actual physical appearance of your old pieces of furniture, it does draw attention away from its imperfections. If the area around your furniture looks new and stylish, it will affect the overall picture. So, hang up paintings, tapestries, and murals to your walls. You can go for a simple set of three, or a myriad of different sized frames covering the wall or one big wall art. The walls are your canvas so get creative with it.

A good clean

Clean and clean! Fundamental for hygiene too, cleaning is something that will get rid of those rust stains, dirt marks, dust and general staining which really does age and deteriorate the look and quality of furniture. So, give a good clean and disinfect - you will see the changes in appearance, how your sofa will look glossier, your bed frame sparkling white, your lamps free of those litters of dust! Do this regularly to maintain your furniture’s lifespan and look because sometimes, some staining cannot be removed or will prove to be difficult to do so.

Some new additions

Update time! There are so many little bits and bobs you can implement in your home to give your old furniture a look of style and class. For example, add spots of greenery and colour by popping some pots on a table, you can add a bowl of scented potpourri, a candle for a romantic glow, your kitchen/ bathroom updated with some new hardware and placing ornaments for decorative accent.

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